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IIJ Group Announced to Provide "Mobile Broadband Access Point"

dl button PDF [93 KB] 18 February 2009
Internet Initiative Japan Inc.
hi-ho Inc.

TOKYO--February 18, 2009--Internet Initiative Japan Inc. (IIJ, NASDAQ: IIJI, TSE1: 3774), one of Japan's leading Internet access and comprehensive network solutions providers, and hi-ho Inc., the IIJ Group ISP business development company for individuals, today announced to provide and sell the Mobile Broadband Access Point, a portable battery-powered wireless router compatible with 3.5G high-speed mobile data communications terminals developed by NetIndex Inc. from late March 2009. IIJ has exclusive right to sell the Mobile Broadband Access Point in Japan.

The Mobile Broadband Access Point can be used in tandem with the IIJ Group's 3.5G high-speed mobile communications services to create a portable wireless LAN environment that provides greater freedom than the conventional public wireless LAN. The Mobile Broadband Access Point is compatible with the D02HW and D01NX II data communications terminals provided with the IIJmio High-Speed Mobile/EM Service, and the D02HW provided with the hi-ho Mobile Course-EM7.2 service, enabling customers to create an ad hoc wireless LAN while on the road. Via this mobile network, users can connect computers, iPod(R) touch, portable game machines, and other devices to enjoy high-speed mobile Internet activities almost anywhere.

In commemoration of the release of the Mobile Broadband Access Point, a special offer is available for IIJmio and hi-ho high-sped mobile data communications services customers through the end of May 2009. In addition, IIJmio's "EMOBILE Permanent Discount Campaign" and hi-ho's "Happy! Mobile Campaign" will be extended to the end of May, 2009. With these campaigns, customers can use the corresponding high-speed mobile data communications service for a flat-rate of JPY 3,980 per month, the lowest rate in the industry.(*1)

IIJmio and hi-ho are planning to expand mobile and other services to create a convenient, hassle-free Internet environment ideally suited to the lifestyles of our customers.

Purchasing the Mobile Broadband Access Point

The Mobile Broadband Access Point can be purchased via the IIJmio and hi-ho websites.


Through March 22, IIJmio is running a campaign to solicit ideas from the public for different uses for the Mobile Broadband Access Point. People who answer a questionnaire qualify for a drawing to win an iPod(R) touch.


We will post details on the hi-ho website as soon as it's ready.

The Mobile Broadband Access Point sales campaign

Eligibility Customers who fall into either of the following categories are eligible for this discount
- Existing customers of the IIJmio High-Speed Mobile/EM Service
- Customers who signup for both the Mobile Broadband Access Point and the IIJmio High-Speed Mobile/EM Service
Application deadline Apply by May 31, 2009
Discount Purchase the Mobile Broadband Access Point for JPY 9,870 (includes tax) (JPY 19,740 if purchased separately).

hi-ho will introduce a 10,000 yen cash-back campaign for hi-ho Mobile Course-EM7.2 members(*2) who purchase the Mobile Broadband Access Point.

Basic Specifications of the Mobile Broadband Access Point

Main unit
Product name Mobile Broadband Access Point
Dimensions About 100 mm(D) x 65 mm(W) x 21.8 mm(H)
* Does not include power adapter or communications card
Weight About 130 g (including battery).
* Does not include power adapter or communications card
Compatible communications cards D01NX, D01NX II, D02HW
Communications card
connection types
USB (type A) x 1
CF card connector x 1
Power interface Mini USB (type B) x 1
Wireless LAN antenna Internal antenna
Switches Power, WPS, reset
Wireless LAN interface
Wireless protocol IEEE802.11g/IEEE802.11b Standard
* standard protocol for wireless LAN
WPA/WPA2 mixed PSK
Confirmed wireless LAN compatibility Computers with Windows XP/Vista (with internal wireless LAN card)
PDAs and Smartphones with Windows Mobile (with internal wireless LAN card)
Apple MAC series computers (with internal wireless LAN card)
PlayStation Portable
Nintendo DS
Apple iPhone
Apple iPod touch
Power supply AC100V 50/60 Hz
Battery Removable lithium ion battery 1800 mAH

(*1) Based on a comparison of fixed-rate plan prices in Japan for 3.5G 7.2 Mbps data communications services as listed on the websites of their respective companies, using the lowest monthly rate (including data communications costs and terminal costs) for two year contract (excluding those plans offered only to certain customers). In addition, penalties apply for early cancellation. For details, see our website.

(*2) Customers who sign up for the hi-ho Mobile Course EM 7.2 after purchasing the Mobile Broadband Access Point also qualify.

* The above specifications (including confirmed computers) refer to the unit during the development stage, and there may be some changes in the specifications of the mass-produced units.

Note: All company and product names used in this release are the properties of their respective trademark holders.