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IIJ Global to Develop the IIJ Global Smart WAN Service

dl button PDF [61 KB] 06 September 2011
IIJ Global Solutions Inc.

TOKYO-September 6, 2011-Internet Initiative Japan Inc. (IIJ, NASDAQ: IIJI, TSE1: 3774) 100% owned subsidiary and developer of WAN services for corporate clients, IIJ Global Solutions Inc. (IIJ Global), today announced the September 26, 2011, release of the IIJ Global Smart WAN Service, a new Internet VPN service that uses IIJ's network management technology.

This new comprehensive Internet VPN service provides everything from the Internet connection to the VPN equipment and network management functions. From running wires and procuring the equipment to configuring the network-IIJ Global performs all tasks necessary to building and operating the VPN on the client's behalf. The client can chose from low-cost FLET'S lines or a convenient mobile line depending on the client's application, while the VPN equipment consists of IIJ's proprietary SEIL series routers provided on a rental basis. For managing the network, operation status tools are also provided.

The greatest advantage of this service is its use of the Service Adapter Control Manager (SACM) (*1) -a management service developed from IIJ's proprietary SMF (*2) technology-which holds down costs and reduces the overhead associated with network management. The VPN equipment (service adapters) can all be initialized and configured, monitored, and operated/managed centrally by IIJ Global using the SACM, and the client only has to connect the equipment to the network and turn on the power to automatically acquire the settings and complete the setup of the VPN. This means that expert network engineers do not have to go to each location to install the network, dramatically reducing the client's burden when building a network. If using mobile communications services, such as IIJ Mobile, a secure network environment can be created in stores, on construction sites, and anywhere that fixed lines cannot easily be installed, as well as when on the road.

This service is founded on IIJ Global's achievements and long experience building WANs, which is combined with IIJ's technology to provide clients with a one-stop service, from network design to installation and operation. The service will be expanded in the future to add more features to create a more robust wireless WAN service using multi-carrier mobile data communications.

IIJ Global will continue to use IIJ Group synergies to deliver high value-added services that fulfill the diverse needs of global IT networks.

(*1) Service Adapter Control Manager (SACM): A management system service infrastructure than delivers SMFv2 automatic connections and complete administration as an OEM product.

(*2) SEIL Management Framework (SMF): A management framework that provides automatic connections and centralized management for IIJ's proprietary SEIL routers. The next evolution of SMF, SMFv2 enables centralized administration of network equipment other than SEIL routers.

Service Plans/Fees

The standard service is composed of the following two components.

(1) Service adapter management

Initial Fee JPY 12,800
Monthly Fee JPY 9,900 /location (SEIL/X1 Type)

(2) Access lines

Request an estimate (both Wireless and FLET'S access)

* Wireless access will be provided through IIJ Mobile, while FLET'S access will be provided through an IIJ Internet connectivity service (IIJ FiberAccess/F Service) or a FLET'S line.

* IIJ can provide a customized service if necessary to meet the client's needs.

* Prices shown do not include tax

About IIJ-Global

IIJ Global Solutions Inc. (IIJ-Global) was established in September 2010 as an IIJ Group company by acquisition of AT&T Japan's local Network Outsourcing service business. IIJ-Global provides WAN Connectivity Services and Total Network Outsourcing Services from designing to building and managing corporate networks for enterprises. Not only limited to domestic but also offers Global network services. For more information about IIJ-Global, visit the IIJ-Global website at