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IIJ Global Launches Net de! World, an Internet VPN Service Connecting 200 Countries Worldwide

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IIJ Global Solutions Inc.

TOKYO-October 14, 2011-Internet Initiative Japan Inc. (IIJ, NASDAQ: IIJI, TSE1: 3774) 100% owned subsidiary and developer of WAN services for corporate clients, IIJ Global Solutions Inc. (IIJ Global), today announced the release of "Net de! World", a managed global Internet VPN service that can connect Japan with over 200 countries around the world, starting today. IIJ Global's existing closed-network International WAN service is now joined by a global Internet-based VPN service, expanding our global operations and better meeting the needs of our clients.

With Net de! World, IIJ Global can do everything necessary to establish network connectivity in offices overseas, from acquiring access lines*, Internet access, and network equipment (modems, routers), to installing, operating, and maintaining these networks.

Net de! World Features

1. Internet-based VPN service connecting over 200 countries

Net de! World is a managed Internet VPN service that can connect the client with over 200 Internet-capable countries. The service covers almost all the countries where Japanese corporations operate, making it easy to build an integrated network with all locations. Through this network, clients can expand their global business even faster.

2. A fully managed service, from equipment procurement to installation, operation, and maintenance

From procurement of the various access lines, Internet access, and equipment (modems, routers, etc.) to local installation, operation, and maintenance, we provide a turnkey managed service. We also have a 24/365 monitoring service and help desk, as well as an onsite maintenance service for emergencies, greatly reducing the overhead associated with information systems work. The contract and payments are all concluded in Tokyo Japan, enabling our clients to outsource all the work associated with operating a network overseas.

3. Multilingual help desk provides global support

Net de! World provides a multilingual help desk, so it can be used globally in almost any environment. Inquiries from any country can be handled here in Japan to provide support for installation and operations, providing smooth operations and peace of mind for companies operating offices in other countries.

Many more companies are moving overseas to escape the strong yen and high corporate taxes, resulting in many more inquiries about Internet-based VPN connections at overseas offices. However, compared with the closed-network WAN service, the Internet VPN requires the selection of a local ISP and access lines, contracts, and installation, and this overhead can be a big headache for the IT executives in Japan. Net de! World solves these problems by outsourcing not only the construction of the local network but also operation and maintenance, speeding up the process of opening overseas offices and increasing the efficiency of the IS department. This service is ideal for clients who are opening new offices overseas or for those with existing overseas offices who want to build a low-cost network with limited applications.

(*) In some countries, the client will have to procure their own access lines due to regulations.

Cost example

Connecting Japan and Thailand at 1 Mbps

IP-VPN Monthly cost 350,000 yen
Net de! World Monthly cost 200,000yen (a 42% savings)

About IIJ-Global

IIJ Global Solutions Inc. (IIJ-Global) was established in September 2010 as an IIJ Group company by acquisition of AT&T Japan's local Network Outsourcing service business. IIJ-Global provides WAN Connectivity Services and Total Network Outsourcing Services from designing to building and managing corporate networks for enterprises. Not only limited to domestic but also offers Global network services. For more information about IIJ-Global, visit the IIJ-Global website at