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IIJ Global Launches COLLABO de! World, SaaS Video Conferencing Service with Cisco Video Technology

dl button PDF [65 KB] 22 February 2012
IIJ Global Solutions Inc.

TOKYO-February 22, 2012-Internet Initiative Japan Inc.'s (IIJ, NASDAQ: IIJI, TSE1: 3774) 100% owned subsidiary and developer of WAN services for corporate clients, IIJ Global Solutions Inc., today announced the April 2012 launch of "COLLABO de! World", a SaaS-based managed video conferencing service using Cisco Systems' video conferencing system and IIJ's cloud service IIJ GIO.

COLLABO de! World is a fully managed, one-stop service that provides Cisco video conferencing systems and other equipment vital to video conferencing--such as designing, procurement, installation, operation of global network, Data Center, and help desk services. COLLABO de! World enables timely communication with overseas offices that are integral to the global expansion of a business and emergency communication with those working from home as part of a business continuity plan and it also enables employees to participate in conferences from the comfort of their own computer. The service provides reliable, fast communication in many business environment. The service also boasts a 24-hour, multi-lingual help desk for end users to ensure easy video conferencing anytime, anywhere, with anyone--without increasing the burden of the system administrators.

COLLABO de! World has following menus and features.

Managed video conferencing system

Providing video conferencing system equipment

IIJ Global can provide the necessary client-side equipment and center-side equipment in many countries around the world. COLLABO de! World has wide range of Cisco products, enabling customers to choose the right equipment to fit their needs and network environment. Customers will buy the video conferencing equipment or can take advantage of IIJ Global's operating lease to keep down startup costs, which enables cusotmers to implement their own video conferencing system without holding any of the assets.

Video conferencing terminals (provisional)

  • Cisco TelePresence System Profile series
  • Cisco TelePresence System EX series
  • Cisco TelePresence System MX series (planned)
  • Cisco Jabber Video for TelePresence (formerly known as Movi)

Video conferencing system management service

Engineers of IIJ Global will install, configure, and monitor both client-side and center-side equipment. The center-side equipment can also be installed in an IIJ Group Data Center and with IIJ’s network outsourcing services, customers can outsource complete package--from the engineering to purchasing and installation of the video conferencing system -- and can greatly reduce the administrative overhead.

Concierge Service (scheduled for release in May 2012)

The Concierge Service provides broad support not only to the customers’ system administrators but also directly to the end users. The help desk will support customers and also handle inquiries about how to operate the video conferencing system or assist in scheduling conferences 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. As the service is multi-lingual, IIJ Global can provide support on a global level on behalf of customers’ system administrators.

Cloud-based multipoint service (scheduled for release in July 2012)

IIJ Global also provides a multipoint connection function as a general cloud service for connecting multiple locations with video conferencing. As IIJ Global provides the center-side equipment, customers do not need to purchase the expensive multipoint control unit, thus providing low-cost intra-company and inter-company multipoint video conferencing.

IIJ Global will continue to develop new, innovative services that support our customers’ global expansion.

About IIJ-Global

IIJ Global Solutions Inc. (IIJ-Global) was established in September 2010 as an IIJ Group company by acquisition of AT&T Japan's local Network Outsourcing service business. IIJ-Global provides WAN Connectivity Services and Total Network Outsourcing Services from designing to building and managing corporate networks for enterprises. Not only limited to domestic but also offers Global network services. For more information about IIJ-Global, visit the IIJ-Global website at