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IIJ Global and B-EN-G provide cloud-based accounting outsourcing service for customers’ overseas subsidiaries

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IIJ Global Solutions Inc.
Toyo Business Engineering Corporation

TOKYO-April 9, 2014-Internet Initiative Japan Inc. (IIJ, NASDAQ: IIJI, TSE1: 3774)'s 100% owned subsidiary IIJ Global Solutions Inc. (IIJ Global) and Toyo Business Engineering Corporation (B-EN-G, TSE1: 4828) today announced that they will provide GLASIAOUS, a new cloud-based accounting outsourcing service for overseas subsidiaries that combines bookkeeping services with an accounting system. Service will start from May 1, 2014.

GLASIAOUS is an accounting outsourcing service that combines A.S.I.A. GP SaaS on IIJ GIO-a cloud-based EPR and accounting service for overseas subsidiaries that IIJ group and B-EN-G have been providing since December 2013—with outsourced accounting, including account processing and bookkeeping. IIJ Global runs SaaS (Software as a Service) on the IIJ GIO cloud platform and B-EN-G administers accounting application A.S.I.A. GP.Two firms—Meinan Certified Public Tax Accountant Corporation (Meinan Consulting Network) and Tokyo XBorder Tax Co.—are working together to perform accounting and tax services on behalf of customers' local subsidiaries.

Sometimes it is not possible to secure sufficient human resources overseas. In such cases, our experienced accounting professionals quickly and accurately process customers' accounts and thus provide total support for their overseas subsidiaries' accounting operations. This allows for transparency of accounting and financial information, as well as concrete numbers at subsidiaries. Thus headquarters can know about business conditions in a timely manner.

GLASIAOUS service concept

GLASIAOUS service concept

Overview of GLASIAOUS

GLASIAOUS is an accounting and tax outsourcing service that leverages an accounting information platform built in the cloud to allow accounting firms located around the world to perform accounting work on behalf of customers' overseas subsidiaries.


Reduces the burdens on management resources and bookkeeping overhead at local subsidiaries

Allows headquarters to view accounting data from local subsidiaries in a timely manner on the Web

Allows headquarters to view a variety of data and thus to speed up and save work when performing consolidated account settlement

Reduces the cost of building and operating an accounting system

Allows the linking of data with the corporate system through a data export function

Main features and functions

  • Accounting professionals with a wealth of local experience provide both bookkeeping and tax reporting outsourcing services
  • A cloud-based multilingual reporting function is available
  • GLASIAOUS provides a rich array of optional services to meet customers' needs and to keep pace with their future growth
  • Customers can use their data in a secure environment at any time
  • Customers can combine GLASIAOUS and A.S.I.A. GP SaaS on IIJ GIO

The following are provided as optional features

  • Registration and output of accounting information by segment
  • Provision of various services for corporate operations, including account settlement guidance for local subsidiaries and tax services

Prices and expected service area

Usage fees

From JPY 150,000 /month (excluding taxes)

Expected service area

  • May 1, 2014: China/Thailand
  • Within 2014: Singapore/Indonesia/Vietnam/India/Brazil/Mexico

Sales system and sales target

GLASIAOUS is sold by B-EN-G, IIJ Global, Meinan Consulting Network, Tokyo XBorder, and their respective partner firms. These companies will continue to run and market the service jointly.

This service is provided through the collaboration of the four companies and is expected to be used by 30 client firms within one year and 300 within three years.