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IIJ Expands Wireless M2M Services Lineup

dl button PDF [64 KB] 05 February 2014

TOKYO-February 5, 2014-Internet Initiative Japan Inc. (IIJ, NASDAQ: IIJI, TSE1: 3774), one of Japan's leading Internet access and comprehensive network solutions providers, today announced it strengthens its lineup of wireless Machine-to-Machine (M2M) services with two new M2M data communications services, IIJ Mobile M2M Access Service and IIJ SMS Push Service, to be launched on February 17.

Wireless M2M refers to wireless communications systems that allow devices such as sensors, gauges, and vending machines to communicate directly with centralized data collection systems without human intervention. The field of wireless M2M is expected to show strong growth as more and more devices connect directly to networks. Business applications such as traffic control, fire alarms, security systems, and logistics are already common, and advances in wireless M2M applications are being made in areas such as automatic data collection. IIJ Mobile M2M Access Service is a less expensive version-repurposed expressly for wireless M2M-of the high-speed data communications service, IIJ Mobile Service, which IIJ already offers for enterprise customers as an MVNO. In addition, IIJ begins offering IIJ SMS Push Service, a system for controlling transmission of SMS (short message service) to M2M devices.

IIJ Mobile M2M Access Service

IIJ's wireless M2M solutions are communications systems that enable secure, two-way communications between devices via specialized data center gateways, such as the IIJ GIO Remote Access Service and the IIJ Mobile Large-Scale Private Gateway Service. The IIJ Mobile M2M Access Service provides wireless data communications from the device to the gateway for as little as JPY 300 per month. Connections from the device are limited to the gateway only to ensure the security of data transmission to company-internal systems and systems on the IIJ cloud. Two rate plans are offered so that customers enable to choose the one that is best for them, depending on their applications: Plan A offers high-speed communication but only at night, while Plan B offers 24-hour communication but only at slower speeds. The system for controlling the time of access under Plan A is the first of its kind in the industry.

Specifications and rates

  Plan A Plan B
Time window for data communications 10 p.m. - 6 a.m. (JST) 24 hours
Communications speeds
  • Download max 150 Mbps
  • Upload max 50 Mbps(depending on communications speed of device)
Upload/Download max 200 kbps
Uses and Applications Communications at night only, through batch processing, etc. If data is transmitted constantly but in low volumes, as, for example, from a measuring device
Initial fees JPY 30,000 per contract
Registration fees JPY 3,000 per device
Monthly charges JPY 300 per device
(JPY 440 if SMS is used)
Additional fees will be levied at a rate of JPY 0.01 x 128 bytes, if monthly data volume exceeds 30 MB x the number of circuits contracted.
JPY 460 per device
(JPY 600 if SMS is used)
Additional fees will be levied at a rate of JPY 0.01 x 128 bytes, if monthly data volume exceeds 30 MB x the number of circuits contracted.
Minimum usage period Free
Modules provided Standard SIM, micro SIM, nanoSIM

(*) Rates indicated do not include taxes.
(*) Use of IIJ Mobile M2M Access Service requires agreements of related services for:
IIJ GIO Remote Access Service or , IIJ Mobile Large-Scale Private Gateway Service, and IIJ Authentication Outsource Service.

IIJ SMS Push Service

This service pushes SMS notifications to many devices.

Specifications and rates

Main features
  • Management and clustering of target circuits
  • Writing of messages (up to 70 single-byte or double-byte characters)
  • Scheduling transmission of messages
  • Logging transmission of messages
Initial fees JPY 50,000 per contract
Monthly charges JPY 20,000 per contract
Message transmission costs JPY 15 per message
Minimum usage period Free

(*) Rates indicated do not include taxes.(*) Messages may be sent only to IIJ Mobile M2M Access Service.
(*) This service uses the Karaden Push service provided by NTT Mediacross,Inc.

IIJ will continue to expand its services optimized for wireless M2M services.

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