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IIJ Expands Mail Archive Function to IIJ Secure MX Service

dl button PDF [107 KB] 25 March 2014

TOKYO-March 25, 2014-Internet Initiative Japan Inc. (IIJ, NASDAQ: IIJI, TSE1: 3774), one of Japan's leading Internet access and comprehensive network solutions providers, today announced the addition of Advanced Archive Option to enhance e-mail archiving features with the IIJ Secure MX Service, a SaaS based service of security measures for enterprise e-mail systems, beginning April 21, 2014. The conventional mail archives have charged customers by the amount of disk capacity required for storage of all incoming and outgoing e-mail messages. In its new Advanced Archive Option, charges are based solely on the number of users (accounts) and storage period. Customers no longer have to worry about the amount of disk storage they are using.

Feature Highlights

Charges based on number of accounts and no limit on data storage

The fees for this option are based on the number of accounts and storage period. During the archive period there is no limit on the amount of disk storage capacity used, eliminating customer concerns in cases where the volume of e-mail is difficult to forecast. Customers can choose storage options from one to ten years.

Keyword search in e-mail body and attachments

E-mail that transits the IIJ Secure MX Service is stored in IIJ Data Center in Japan. Users can perform high-speed keyword searches of everything in their e-mail, including attached files as well as the main text. The service can search for specific character strings in headers, bodies, attachments, and even compressed files (zip, tar, gzip, bzip), which e-mail can be easily taken out whenever it is needed.

Alteration detection

When e-mail is archived, a hash value is assigned to the data. When searches of stored e-mail are performed, the hash value can be checked to see if the data have been altered. This function enhances the reliability of e-mail and can be used as an effective means of preserving evidence. (A unique number generated based on specific characteristics of a file, a hash value can be used to identify that file. Hash values are useful tools in verifying files and detecting the alteration of data, because it is extremely unlikely that the same hash value would result from different data sets, and because data sets cannot be reconstructed from their hash values.)

Works with Office 365, Microsoft Exchange

IIJ Secure MX Service works with journaling functions. With the support of journaling function, all e-mails and attachments from Microsoft Office 365 or Microsoft Exchange servers can be copied automatically and archived into the IIJ Secure MX Service. Many customers using Office 365 and Microsoft Exchange have requested this feature that all incoming, outgoing and internal e-mails be stored on servers in Japan.

It is IIJ's aim that this strengthening of e-mail archive functionality will be easy to implement for customers of any size, helping to meet customers' needs for better archiving as part of their compliance with both legal requirements and internal control.


Starting from JPY 200 per account (estimates may vary, depending on the period selected)