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IIJ Expands IIJ GIO MOGOK Service Lineup

dl button PDF [364 KB] 02 October 2014

TOKYO-October 02, 2014-Internet Initiative Japan Inc. (IIJ, NASDAQ: IIJI, TSE1: 3774), one of Japan's leading Internet access and comprehensive network solutions providers, today announced it will enhance the lineup of IIJ GIO MOGOK Service (MOGOK) from October 2, 2014. MOGOK is a cloud-based Web application development platform and execution environment that uses Ruby on Rails (*1). IIJ will also revise some service prices, and will start a free service sales campaign for new customers on the same day.

(*1) Ruby on Rails: An open-source framework built from the Ruby scripting language for developing Web applications. It was developed to allow for simple Web application development with minimal need for coding.

The new services are as follows:

More file servers added in the execution environment

In Platform as a Service (PaaS)’s execution environments, local file systems can be generally used only for temporarily storing data, and external object storages are required to keep them for a long term. Therefore the existing software needs to be modified when used in the PaaS execution environment.

MOGOK allows for file servers to be used in execution environments. Existing software assets do not need to be modified and applications that require local file systems can be hosted without change. Additionally, file servers can be accessed using WebDAV over the Internet.

File Server specifications and fees

Item Disk Size Monthly Fee
FS100 100GB JPY 11,000
FS300 300GB JPY 18,000
FS500 500GB JPY 25,000
(*) The prices shown do not include tax.

PostgreSQL and mongoDB addded to Dedicated DB servers

In addition to MySQL databases, PostgreSQL and mongoDB start to be offered to expand the variety of database which is compatible for Dedicated DB server functioned RDBMS. This allows developers to choose the most suitable database for the application requirements.
Furthermore, all Dedicated DB servers can now use memcached, a standard distributed memory cache system. The memcached function temporarily stores database queries in memory to reduce database overhead and increase the performance of Web applications.

Price revisions

Prices have been reduced by 50% for Web, Job, and Worker instances. Web instance provides execution functions for Web applications, while Job instance provides functions to register rake tasks as a cron job for running at a predetermined time, and Worker instance provides asynchronous processing through delayed_job.
Prices for Dedicated DB servers have also been reduced up to 53%.

Item Previous Monthly Fee New Monthly Fee
Web instance JPY 2,800 JPY 1,400
Job instance JPY 2,800 JPY 1,400
Worker instance JPY 2,800 JPY 1,400
Dedicated DB server/DB15 JPY 16,000 JPY 7,500
Dedicated DB server/DB30 JPY 22,000 JPY 12,000
Dedicated DB server/DB60 JPY 36,000 JPY 19,000
Dedicated DB server/DB120 JPY 71,000 JPY 35,000
Dedicated DB server/DB240 JPY 142,000 JPY 67,000

(*) The prices shown do not include tax.

Sales Campaign

New contract customers can use the following products free of charge for up to two months.

Item Amount Regular Monthly Fee
Web instance No limit JPY 1,400
Job instance JPY 1,400
Worker instance JPY 1,400
Dedicated DB server Choose one DB or file server Starting at JPY 7,500
File server Starting at JPY 11,000
Unique domain SSL Choose one JPY 2,000

(*) The prices shown do not include tax.

  • Application period: October 2, 2014 to December 26, 2014
  • Period of use: From the date of contract until the end of next month.

(*) This sales campaign is available only for new written contracts. Additional products contracted after the new contract will be charged for the normal rate as non-new contract products even if the additional products don't exceed the quantity described above.

IIJ will continue to offer the best PaaS solutions for Web application development.