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IIJ Develops New Container-Unit Data Center Module, co-IZmo I

dl button PDF [395 KB] 07 November 2013

TOKYO-November 7, 2013-Internet Initiative Japan Inc. (IIJ, NASDAQ: IIJI, TSE1: 3774), one of Japan's leading Internet access and comprehensive network solutions providers, today announced that it has expanded its robust data center module line up even further with the development of the compact "co-IZmo I" container-unit data center module, which clients can easily install on their premises.

Since 2010, IIJ has been developing low cost and energy-efficient container-unit data centers that are most appropriate for cloud environments. This has been done through endeavors such as the commercialization of the first container-unit data center module to use an outside-air cooling system in Japan, "IZmo" (Japanese Patent #5064538), as well as with proof-of-concept testing of "co-Izmo", a container-unit data center module aiming for even greater energy savings through year-round outside-air cooling. The co-IZmo I builds upon these predecessors to meet the varied needs of potential clients.

As an all-in-one IT/air conditioning module, co-IZmo I contains IT equipment and air conditioning in an easily transportable 20-foot container (ISO standards), and is replete with the following features.

1. Compatible with a wide variety of environments, thanks to the indirect outside-air cooling system

The IZmo series has achieved dramatic reductions in electricity consumption through its use of an outside-air cooling system. However, it was not suitable for environments with high concentrations of corrosive gases that could not be removed by the filter. Through its adoption of an indirect outside-air cooling system (fig. 1), co-IZmo I has overcome this limitation, achieving energy savings while providing a module that can be installed in a wide variety of environmental conditions.

2. Incremental scaling

The co-IZmo I can be scaled incrementally from 1 to 3 modules, ideal for applications with growing needs. Optionally, UPS modules and emergency generators can be installed (fig. 2).

Compared to the cost of constructing conventional building-type data centers, the initial cost of co-IZmo I is low, and can be set up rapidly on any open space that is available. By installing IIJ Private Cloud Solutions, it is easy to build on-premise private clouds connected to the IIJ GIO Service.

The co-IZmo I is scheduled to begin service for a wide variety of target users from the 2014 fiscal year, be it firms, local governments, or scholarly organizations, who are considering the construction of easily-controlled data centers for internal use or private clouds, including distributed processing infrastructure for big-data analysis, the archiving of large amounts of data, or high-speed calculation processing infrastructure.

IIJ will continue to contribute to the development of its clients through providing the most advanced data centers.

(Fig.1) Indirect Outside-Air Cooling System

The IT Block (IT device storage compartment) is isolated from the outside air, and not affected by external enviroment.The waste heat from the IT devices is cooled indirectly through heat transfer using outside air. When further efficient cooling work is required, compressor runs.
Indirect Outside-Air Cooling System

(Fig. 2) Illustration of the scalability of the Container modules

Illustration of the scalability of the Container modules