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IIJ Cloud Service Supports Interconnectivity with Microsoft's Cloud Service

dl button PDF [41 KB] 17 April 2013

TOKYO-April 17, 2013-Internet Initiative Japan Inc. (IIJ, NASDAQ: IIJI, TSE1: 3774 ), one of Japan's leading Internet access and comprehensive network solutions providers, today announced the release of the IIJ GIO Component Service, which provides cloud-based interconnectivity with the Windows Azure Platform provided by Microsoft Japan .

The IIJ GIO Component Service is a custom-made cloud service that provides a remarkably flexible platform that meets the needs of corporate information systems. Azure is a public cloud service provided by Microsoft that allows access to computing resources over the Internet. Until now, Azure did not support external private network access.

Microsoft Japan is the first to offer a network feature that enables access to external private networks via Azure. IIJ conducted an interconnectivity test with the IIJ proprietary router SEIL Series, and we were able to successfully establish a secure connection with Azure. With this, clients using the IIJ GIO Component Service and users of Azure can create a flexible cloud environment using the cloud services of both companies and other packages and solutions.

For example, integrating an accounting system built on the IIJ GIO Component Service and an order management system built on Azure has the potential for increasing operational efficiency. Users of Azure can augment their system with a database service on IIJ GIO.

Connections between Azure and the IIJ GIO Component Service are encrypted and require authentication, so users can rest assured that their data is secure. IIJ provides the router required to establish a private network connection with Azure.


Service Initial Fee Monthly Fees
IIJ GIO Component Service SEIL/x86 JPY 48,000 JPY 24,000

(*) Prices do not include construction costs.

IIJ will continue to expand its cooperation with Microsoft in the area of cloud computing, and work to increase convenience for enterprise clients.

Endorsement from Microsoft Japan

Windows Azure allows customers to choose a hybrid cloud environment, and I am delighted with IIJ's public announcement about the network connectivity between their router, SEIL, and Windows Azure Virtual Network. With this announcement, customers of both companies can use the IIJ GIO Component Service to secure their hybrid cloud environment in Windows Azure. Moving forward, Microsoft Japan will continue its cooperation with IIJ in order to extend the benefits of the cloud to more users.

Seiji Umeda
Director, Server Platform Business Group, Microsoft Japan

About IIJ GIO Component Service

The IIJ GIO Component Service is a flexible customized cloud system. The IIJ GIO Component Service servers and IT resources can be combined to create a flexible system at the entry level or at the enterprise level. The IIJ GIO Component Service consists of a base server and add-on functions. With all the different components, there are more than 1,000 possible combinations to handle any type of system. For details, see the following website.

About Windows Azure Platform

Azure is a public cloud service that provides computing resources from the Microsoft Data Center via the Internet. Users can use only the computing resources that they need, when they need them, and the system enables the seamless integration with servers and software resident on the corporate network. For details, see the following website.