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IIJ Awarded Patent for Container-Unit Data Center Modules

dl button PDF [77 KB] 11 September 2012

TOKYO-September 11, 2012-Internet Initiative Japan Inc. (IIJ, NASDAQ: IIJI, TSE1: 3774), one of Japan's leading Internet access and comprehensive network solutions providers, today announced that the company was awarded a patent for its proprietary container-unit data center module called IZmo.

Patent Description

  • Patent Number: 5064538
  • Title of invention: Container-unit data center module
  • Date of issue: August 17, 2012

IZmo is a container-unit IT module developed independently by IIJ. Inside of IZmo, there are multiple racks arranged at an angle so as to provide the necessary space for working while reducing overall container size. The awarding of this patent acknowledges the uniqueness of aligning racks at an angle, as well as the following benefits that such alignment brings.

Reduction of transportation costs due to smaller container size

Because the racks are aligned at an angle within the container, IZmo is less than 2.5 meters wide. This makes it possible to carry the container on a standard large-size truck instead of a special trailer truck. This makes it simpler to transport in many ways-for example there is no need for special permission for the vehicle to transport the container-and this reduces the cost of transportation by one-third.

Effective use of rack sides

Placing the racks at an angle enables the use of the space on the sides of the rack for power strips and other equipments that are usually installed inside the rack. This leaves ample room inside the rack to accommodate long-sized devices that may take up the entire rack space.

Effective cooling of network equipments using side cooling

Despite the fact that most routers and other network equipments have vents on their sides, conventional data center racks are closed on the sides. As IZmo racks are set at an angle, the arrangement allows for more efficient air cooling from the side.

In April 2011, IIJ opened the Matsue Data Center Park-Japan's first commercial data center with outside-air cooled container units-using IZmo container units, and the data center has become the main provider of IIJ GIO cloud services.

IIJ will continue to provide low-cost and energy-efficient data centers in building facilities that are best for Cloud computing environment.