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IIJ Announces the Status of its Service and Network with Regards to IPv6

dl button PDF [79 KB] 27 January 2009

TOKYO--January 27, 2009--Internet Initiative, Inc., (IIJ, NASDAQ: IIJI,TSE1: 3774), one of Japan's leading Internet access and comprehensive network solutions providers, today announced the status of its services and network with regards to the next-generation Internet protocol IPv6(*). IIJ is dedicated to making its services and network IPv6 compatible, and we will release periodic reports to inform our users and stakeholders of our progress.


The standard Internet protocol currently in use world wide is IPv4. This protocol provides 4.3 billion IP addresses, which are used to connect to the Internet. However, as the number of Internet users world wide increases unabated, we can expect that in a short span of years, the available stock of IP addresses will be completely used up. The Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications announced in a report in June 2008 that the stock of international IP addresses will run out between mid 2010 and early 2012, and that new IP addresses will run out in Japan between early 2011 and mid 2013. As broadband use spreads throughout the world, IPv4 address consumption will increase, and in order for the Internet to continue to expand, the world will have to convert to the IPv6 protocol which provides much larger address space.

Since IIJ introduced Japan's first IPv6 commercial trial service in 1999, the company has been leading the industry in the adoption and promotion of IPv6. As a pioneer in this field, IIJ will continue to promote IPv6 compatibility on its services and network, to promote the development of the Internet and to provide our customers with a more convenient network and comfortable Internet environment.

(*)The next-generation Internet protocol. It is based on the existing Internet protocol IPv4 but provides a larger address space and additional security functions.

IIJ Service Compatibility Chart

Service Compatibility  schedule Restrictions
Internet Access Service Complete -
Managed Router Service Complete The customer's network requires IPv4 address. The compatible equipment types are limited.
SEIL Rental Service Complete Does not include some features
IIJ DNS Service Complete Only available for some features
IIJ Data Center Access Service Apr. to Jun, 2009 -
IIJ Web High-Grade Service Apr. to Jun, 2009 Only the Web server will be compatible
IIJ Managed Firewall Service Jul. to Sep, 2009 The customer's network requires IPv4 address. The compatible equipment types are limited.
IIJ Contents Delivery Service Jul. to Sep, 2009 Only available for end-user access

(*)For details see the following website. (Japanese text only.)