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IIJ Announces the IIJ GIO Storage Service

dl button PDF [184 KB] 28 June 2010

TOKYO-June 28, 2010-Internet Initiative Japan Inc. (IIJ, NASDAQ: IIJI, TSE1: 3774), one of Japan's leading Internet access and comprehensive network solutions providers, today announced the IIJ GIO Storage Service, which provides low-cost, high-volume storage resources that can be accessed from the corporate network environment via the high-quality, flexible IIJ GIO cloud service. The new service is scheduled to be release in August.

This new service boasts several advantages.


1. Server-less, cloud-based high-volume storage with the lowest prices in the industry
Enterprise-level quality and (*2) reliability is provided at JPY48 per GB per month, the lowest priced storage service in the industry. (*1) Users can use cost-effective cloud-based storage in units of 1 TB without buying their own server equipment.

2. Selectable service levels to match client's system
When being used as a file server solution in a Windows environment, the Standard Service has many extensible advanced functions, while basic functions are provided via the Basic Service. There are several connection configurations available as well, including Internet VPN and closed connections, to meet a broad range of client needs. It can also serve as a system backup solution for the client's system.
When combined with the base server provided through the IIJ GIO Component Service, it can serve as a storage add-on. The client can select the ideal storage system to match the client's SAN/NAS configuration.

3. Disaster contingency measures through distributed resources
The IIJ Data Centers in which the IIJ GIO Storage Service is distributed are located in both eastern and western Japan, effectively serving as the disaster recovery portion of a business continuity plan. The client can use the IIJ GIO Storage Service's remote backup function with the IIJ GIO Component Service to achieve an advanced disaster recovery system at one-tenth the cost of conventional systems. (*3)

In response to the growing need for high-quality online storage by corporate users, IIJ GIO Storage Service is a first offering as an enterprise-level file server service using a Windows environment. A Web interface and API are also in the works and are scheduled to be released some time this year.

Because the IIJ GIO Storage Service is built on industry-standard technology, it can be integrated in most cases with the customer's corporate private cloud. IIJ will be partnering IIJ GIO with other commercial cloud services, and with the IIJ GIO Storage Service, IIJ is working with TIS, Inc. TIS's enterprise-class PaaS/IaaS, called TIS Enterprise On Demand Service, links via the cloud with the IIJ GIO Storage Service, which it uses as the storage infrastructure for its own services, and thus it is possible for each company to access the service of the other.

IIJ will actively expand the line up of IIJ GIO services and provide our customers with the highest quality cloud services to support their business infrastructure.

(*1) Based on an IIJ survey. For price details, see the plan list below or go to (Japanese Text Only)

(*2)Depending on the size of the contract, the unit may be changed to GB/month.(*3)Compared with IIJ's former structure.

IIJ GIO Storage Service Plan Lineup

IIJ GIO Storage File Server Basic

  Initial Fee Monthly Fee
Standard Standard size 1 TB JPY 20,000 JPY 80,000
(@JPY 80/GB*4)
Snapshot/Restore Function
Active Directory Combination
Options Additional Disk Area 2-5TB JPY 0 JPY 50,000
(@ JPY 50/GB)
6TB- JPY 40,000
(@ JPY 40/GB)
*4 Depending on the size of the contract, the unit may be changed to GB/month. 1TB is JPY80/GB, 5TB is JPY56/GB, 10TB is JPY48/GB.

IIJ GIO Storage File Server Standard

  Initial Fee Monthly Fee
Standard Standard size 5 TB JPY 20,000 JPY 400,000
(@ JPY 80/GB*5)
Active Directory Combination
Access Log
Options Additional Disk Area 6-10TB JPY 0 JPY 70,000
(@ JPY 70/GB)
11-20TB JPY 65,000
(@ JPY 65/GB)
20TB- JPY 60,000
(@ JPY 60/GB)
*5 Depending on the size of the contract, the unit may be changed to GB/month. 5TB is JPY80/GB, 10TB is JPY75/GB, 15TB is JPY72/GB.

TIS, Inc., Endorsement

We at TIS, Inc., were very happy to hear Internet Initiative Japan Inc.'s announcement about the IIJ GIO Storage Service, and we give it our full endorsement.
In the harsh economic environment of recent years, cloud service use has grown as a result of the efforts to re-think and reduce costs related to corporate IT infrastructure. This newly offered cloud-based high-volume storage service can be linked with the corporate cloud or other cloud services. As information resources grow, demand for this type of storage service will grow even more. By partnering our TIS Enterprise Ondemand Service with the IIJ GIO Storage Service, we are confident that we will be able to provide services that help to solve a range of issues for our corporate customers and to contribute to improved competitiveness.

TIS, Inc.
Executive Director, IT Infrastructure Service Division
Division Manager, Makoto Tsujimot