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IIJ Announces Cloud Solution for iPad Business Applications:IIJ GIO Smart Mobile Solution

dl button PDF [62 KB] 30 September 2010

TOKYO--September 30, 2010--Internet Initiative Japan, Inc. (IIJ, NASDAQ: IIJI, TSE1: 3774), one of Japan's leading Internet access and comprehensive network solutions providers, today announced the November 1, 2010, release of IIJ GIO Smart Mobile Solution, a service that enables the safe and secure use of the iPad and other advanced mobile terminals with corporate business systems.

IIJ GIO Smart Mobile Solution was developed to enable enterprises to incorporate the iPad, smartphones, and other high-performance devices into their business systems. It integrates the operations expertise garnered from the IIJ Mobile Service, an enterprise level mobile data communications service, and the IIJ GIO cloud service platform.

To provide this solution, IIJ concluded a partnership contract with Apple Inc. This contract allows IIJ to provide a complete range of services, from iPad terminals to mobile data communications environment, vital terminal security administration, corporate-network access control, and a SaaS environment for business applications.

This solution consists of the following products and solutions.

1. Management service for smartphones and other mobile terminals "Smart Mobile Manager"(*)

The Smart Mobile Manager includes functions to remotely manage security measures and administrative actions for the iPad and smartphones that use the iOS, Android, or Windows Mobile operating systems. Device lock or data deletion, software installation and configuration, access restrictions, and other features can be centrally controlled to conform with the organization's security policies. Thus, even if the device is lost or stolen, unauthorized access to internal systems and information leakage can be prevented, ensuring a high level of security.

(*) This service uses Inventit Inc.'s remote administration technology, which has proven performance in the field with major mobile carriers.

2. IIJ Mobile Service/Type D compatible "Mobile WiFi Router"

The Mobile WiFi Router is a mobile WiFi router with a 3G communications module that is compatible with the IIJ Mobile Service/Type D (for the NTT DOCOMO FOMA® network). The business-card-sized compact design and long battery life make it possible to bring this HSPA (max downlink speed of 7.2 Mbps, uplink, 5.7 Mbps) broadband wireless LAN access point anywhere. Whether onsite or on the road, a mission-critical, stable, data communications environment is available.

3. Applications gateway solution "Mobile Application Gateway"

The Mobile Application Gateway is an IIJ GIO-based cloud service that provides a gateway for the iPad to access the business applications used on the Windows computer in the office. IIJ GIO Virtual Desktop Service, which uses the virtualization technology of Citrix Systems Inc., and IIJ's proprietary access authentication system, ID Gateway, combine to create a seamless, secure, access environment for existing Windows applications. This enables clients to introduce the iPad as a business terminal without changing the existing equipment.

The raft of new smartphones and slate terminals, led by the iPad have, made quite a stir, and their portability and functionality have made them attractive for enterprise applications. IIJ is responding to this market demand by providing the security necessary for business applications, bolstering the data communications environment, and enabling the use of existing business applications through this solution for iPads and smartphones.
This solution can also be used as a cloud-based operation and administration service by system integrators who develop and provide business applications, and providers of SaaS software.

IIJ will continue to develop advanced services to meet the growing needs of our clients and to provide high value-added solutions that implement mobile data communications in a cloud environment.