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IIJ and V-cube Form Cloud Tie-up to Provide New Visual Communications Service

dl button PDF [81 KB] 09 February 2011

TOKYO--February 9, 2011--Internet Initiative Japan Inc. (IIJ, NASDAQ: IIJI, TSE1: 3774), one of Japan's leading Internet access and comprehensive network solutions providers, today announced the integration of V-cube, Inc.'s SaaS Web Conference service, V-CUBE Meeting, into IIJ's SaaS groupware service, IIJ GIO Cybozu Garoon SaaS. The integration of the SaaS functions of both services creates a new visual communications service in the cloud.

This tie-up makes it possible to schedule Web conferences in V-CUBE Meeting from the schedule page of the IIJ GIO Cybozu Garoon SaaS service. Users can reserve a Web conference room following the same familiar procedures in IIJ GIO Cybozu Garoon SaaS, and at the same time they can schedule all the participants for that meeting. Past groupware and Web conference systems have operated separately in most cases, and it often happens that conference reservations get overlooked or the participants get double booked. With the integration of the scheduler and the Web conference system, these mistakes can be prevented and thus higher efficiency achieved. Customers need no special server equipment in order to immediately start using this mission-critical communications services. The seamless integration of groupware and Web conferencing make it possible to implement highly effective visual communications for those inside and outside the company.

Used in conjunction with the IIJ GIO Smart Mobile Solution?which enables the remote administration of smart mobile devices?all types of smart devices, including iPad and Android terminals, can be used securely with the services of both companies. This makes secure business communications quick and easy with no restrictions on time, place, or equipment type.

With the release of this announcement, IIJ will begin offering Cybozu Garoon for V-CUBE as one of the options on the IIJ GIO Cybozu Garoon SaaS service. In addition to offering the SaaS services of both companies as integrated functions, IIJ has concluded a sales agreement with V-cube that allows the sale of both IIJ GIO Cybozu Garoon and V-CUBE Meeting.

IIJ has had tie-ups with other companies to offer integrated cloud services built around IIJ GIO Cybozu Garoon SaaS, and we have been searching for suitable partners to work with this SaaS service to provide a more advanced work style. IIJ will use this most recent tie-up as an incentive to embark on even more ties-ups to provide advanced communications services using IIJ GIO Cybozu Garoon SaaS.

Special Sales Campaign

To commemorate the announcement of this new tie-up, IIJ have created the following offer.

Campaign period Wednesday February 9, 2011, to Thursday March 3, 2011.
Eligible clients Client's who order IIJ GIO Cybozu Garoon for V-CUBE during the campaign period.
Offer A maximum of two free months of unlimited use of V-CUBE Meeting (the initial service month and the following month). (normally monthly fees are based on the number of conference rooms used)