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IIJ and JBS Partner to Provide Microsoft Collaboration Infrastructure Cloud Solution

dl button PDF [153 KB] 24 August 2010
Internet Initiative Japan Inc. 
Japan Business Systems, Inc.

TOKYO--August 24, 2010--Internet Initiative Japan Inc. (IIJ, NASDAQ: IIJI, TSE1: 3774), one of Japan's leading Internet access and comprehensive network solutions providers, and Japan Business Systems, Inc. (JBS), today announced that they have concluded a partnership agreement to provide Microsoft Exchange Server 2010*1, Microsoft Office Communications Server 2007 R2*2, and Microsoft SharePoint Server 2010*3, and other Microsoft collaboration infrastructure as a menu of unique solutions on IIJ's cloud service IIJ GIO starting September 1, 2010.

New service offerings

JBS will build unique Microsoft platform solutions and provide operational support--a field in which JBS boasts a brilliant track record--while IIJ will provide IIJ GIO to serve as the high-quality, flexible infrastructure for these solutions. With this solution, the requirement specification, system design, and system operations necessary to using the basic functions of Microsoft Exchange and Microsoft Office Communications are provided in the Basic Package Menu, and this reduces startup costs by about 40% over traditional individual installations. In addition to the Basic Package Menu, many functions have been expanded through the addition of Microsoft SharePoint, and the Option Menu includes system migration support and operational support services to add the flexibility needed to meet each client's requirements. Delivering these solutions as a cloud service that can respond quickly to the factors affecting a customer's business--such as by adding or removing accounts as needed--provides a one-stop service from network infrastructure to application systems and operational support.

Building on strengths

IIJ has been positioning itself as a provider of cloud-based enterprise office services through the IIJ GIO Windows Platform Service built around Microsoft Exchange, and so IIJ was seeking a solution provider with a proven record in building systems around Microsoft products. Meanwhile, JBS had been looking for a partner who could provide cloud infrastructure to meet the wide scope of cloud-computing needs of its customers, and sees this partnership as an opportunity to make the most of each partner's unique strengths.

In the future, both companies are aiming to provide Exchange-based mobile services and to integrate CRM and SFA*4sales support systems to enable users to access and use information anywhere and from any terminal, and to that end they will continue to develop cloud solutions for enterprise office services.

*1 Microsoft Exchange Server: A groupware and e-mail product developed by Microsoft Corporation.

*2 Microsoft Office Communications Server: A real-time communications service for enterprises provided by Microsoft Corporation.

*3 Microsoft SharePoint Server: A server product offered by Microsoft Corporation to provide groupware and enterprise content management functions.

*4 SFA (safes force automation): Information systems used to support sales staff, or increasing effeciency of sales activities through the use of these systems.

Pricing example

Basic package (for 1,000 users)

Initial fee starts at YN 5,000,000-
Monthly fee starts at YN 1,000,000-

Features of basic package

  • 1 Server for Exchange
  • 1 Server for Office Communications Server
  • AD replica
  • Server monitoring/operation service
  • Network Service
  • MS license (SPLA)
  • Exchange/OCS Basic Introduction Service
  • Exchange/OCS Operation Startup Service
  • Exchange/OCS Basic Support Service


IIJ GIO is a Japanese corporate cloud service optimized for enterprise systems. As a cloud service it provides cost benefits, a rich selection of options, and flexibility that allows it to be incorporated into independently developed corporate systems. IIJ GIO is used by many IT service providers who wish to provide cloud services at various layers, and as a reliable IT platform for many systems, it provides a highly secure cloud environment with the highest availability for corporate business infrastructure. For details, see

About JBS Microsoft Platform Solution

Since its establishment more than 20 years ago, JBS has been offering Microsoft solutions and currently employees more than 300 Windows engineers. They are particularly knowledgeable in building communications infrastructure with Active Directory, Exchange, and SharePoint, and have installed such systems in nearly 400 companies. They also provide operational support and maintenance support, end-user training, and help-desk services.