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IIJ and IRRIC Begin Cloud-based BCP Consulting Services

dl button PDF [120 KB] 14 October 2010

InterRisk Research Institute and Consulting, Inc.
Internet Initiative Japan Inc.

    TOKYO-October 14, 2010-Internet Initiative Japan Inc. (IIJ, NASDAQ: IIJI, TSE1: 3774), one of Japan's leading Internet access and comprehensive network solutions providers, and MS&AD Insurance Group's InterRisk Research Institute & Consulting, Inc.(IRRIC), today announced the October 14 launch of the Business Continuation Consulting Service, which leverages cloud computing to protect against catastrophic disasters. This service supports the business continuation efforts of organizations by integrating IRRIC's business continuity planning (BCP) consulting with IIJ's cloud technology, thus supporting an organizations business continuity efforts while reducing the costs associated with ensuring information system reliability in the event of disaster.

    Consulting focus

    Business impact analysis, information system analysis and evaluation
    • Identification of vital operations through business impact analysis
    • Evaluation of risks that threaten the continuity of vital operations
    • Business continuity strategy creation
    • Identification of systems supporting vital operations (vital systems)
    • Evaluation of the reliability of existing information systems
    Diagnosis of cloud potential - Diagnosis of cloud computing potential for vital system
    BCP creation
    • BCP creation
    • BCP exercise support and evaluation
    Advice on implementing business continuity from a systems perspective

    Service benefits

    An expert will evaluate which existing systems could be converted to cloud computing, determine the appropriateness for using cloud computing, and make it possible to effectively construct infrastructure and backup systems.

    1. Conversion to cloud computing for appropriate systems will reduce the cost of disaster preparedness measures.
    2. Identification of vital systems will enable targeted system investment that contributes to the continuity of vital operations.

    Fee schedule (reference only)

    • Diagnosis of cloud computing potential for vital systems: Starting at JPY 500,000
    • BCP consulting: Starting at JPY 1.5 million

    Sales targets by end of fiscal 2011

    • Contracts: 50
    • Sales: JPY 1 billion



    The awareness of the importance of business continuity planning has been growing over the last 10 years with the Japanese government's release of business continuity guidelines and the rise of international standards. At the same time, the recent evolution of advanced information systems and related infrastructure has created an environment in which no business can do without them.
    In a survey of the 3,733 Japanese companies listed on the TSE, conducted from July to August, 2010, 77.4% answered that their dependence on IT for mission-critical business continuity "is increasing." According to the same survey, 69.1% of companies said that their maximum outage tolerance for internal information networks was "less than 24 hours," and this figure rises to 88.6% when including those that responded "less than 72 hours." As the dependence on IT continues to grow, establishing a system for the early recovery of internal corporate networks is becoming a vital component of business continuity.

    System upgrades and improvements have historically been expensive undertakings, but through the effective use of cloud computing, it is possible to design disaster recovery systems at a much lower cost.