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IIJ and EC-One Form Alliance in Cloud Computing

dl button PDF [162 KB] 12 May 2010
EC-One, Inc.
Internet Initiative Japan Inc.

TOKYO--May 12, 2010--Internet Initiative Japan Inc. and EC-One, Inc. today announced the formation of an alliance to build open-source-based EC sites with cloud computing for corporations. The two companies are scheduled to sign an IIJ GIO Solution Partnership Agreement in May 2010.

Starting in 2009, interest has grown rapidly in cloud computing as a means of effectively apportioning resources and reducing costs. However, use of cloud computing as the foundation for enterprise-level EC sites and other corporate infrastructure, and the use of cloud-based open source software, has been a concern of many companies in terms of security, system performance, and quality.

It was against this backdrop that the two companies decided to form an alliance and use IIJ's cloud service IIJ GIO (*1)as the foundation for EC-One's EC-Rider (*3) package, an open-source (*2) EC site construction solution developed by EC-One. EC-One will build and operate EC sites, while IIJ will provide an authentication environment and technological support under the IIJ GIO partnership program.

EC-One has long experience building large-scale EC sites, and they have invested that expertise into their EC-Rider package, whose suite of functions makes it possible to quickly deploy high-quality, highly functional EC sites. IIJ has a high-capacity backbone and technological expertise built up through its experience operating on-demand services, which it pioneered in 2000, and has been providing cloud infrastructure that meets the corporate need for quality, system performance, cost performance, and flexibility. The two companies will leverage their respective strengths and the advantages of cloud computing to build and operate EC sites that excel in the areas of corporate security, stability, and scalability.

The EC-Rider package already runs on the IIJ GIO authentication environment, and starting in May 2010, EC-One will officially introduce the service as a solution. The details are scheduled to be announced at the EC-One booth (East 22-9) at the Web and Mobile Marketing EXPO being held at the Tokyo Big Sight from May 12 to 14.

EC-One and IIJ will continue to promote a safe, enterprise-level cloud service infrastructure.

(*1) Japanese corporate cloud service optimized for enterprise systems. As a cloud service it provides cost benefits, a rich selection of options, and flexibility that allows it to be incorporated into independently developed corporate systems. IIJ GIO is used by many IT service providers who wish to provide cloud services at various layers, and as a reliable IT platform for many systems, it provides a highly secure cloud environment with the highest availability for corporate business infrastructure.

(*2) EC-Rider source code can be downloaded for free from the OSS development and source-code repository,

(*3) An EC site building package consisting of open-source software that incorporates the knowledge accumulated by EC-One in building many large-scale EC sites. From site construction to payment collection and delivery, it includes all the functions necessary to build and operate an EC site, including multi-lingual interfaces. It is also cloud-compatible, and there is an existing ASP service.

* All product names and proper names used in this release are the trademarks or registered trademarks of their respective companies.

About EC-One

Name: EC-One, Inc.
Address: Tokyo Nissan Minato Building, 1-6-34 Minato Minami, Minato City, Tokyo, Japan
Established: April 14, 1998
Representative: President and CEO, Eihiro Saishu
URL: (Japanese Text Only)
EC-Rider information: (Japanese Text Only)
Founded in 1998, the company developed integrated components using Java for many logistics companies and manufacturers. They also created technology and developed business methods using Ruby and also support the programming community through technology sharing such as through the Ruby Business Commons.
The company provides system development, consulting, and development support with the belief that the software industry should transition to a knowledge-focused business model that enables higher productivity and creativity through sharing of software assets and making them reusable.
Following this philosophy, EC-One developed the EC-Rider package using the Ruby programming language, whose popularity has been growing rapidly, and because it is open source, it can be used by more Net shops and EC system builders. It is also extensible, with new functions added to meet current needs and to maintain its unique qualities.