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IIJ and Digital Garage Form Partnership for Corporate Services and to Build Information-Sharing Infrastructure in the Cloud

dl button PDF [52 KB] 13 January 2011
Internet Initiative Japan Inc.
Digital Garage, Inc.

TOKYO--January 13, 2011--Internet Initiative Japan Inc. (IIJ, NASDAQ: IIJI, TSE1: 3774), one of Japan's leading Internet access and comprehensive network solutions providers, and Digital Garage, Inc. (DG, JASDAQ: 4819), today announced the conclusion of a partnership agreement to create a cloud-based information-sharing platform solution for enterprises.

The first effort of this partnership will be the placement of DG's ASP micro-blogging service, BirdFish, on the IIJ GIO Service, IIJ's cloud service, with both companies promoting BirdFish sales. Thereafter they will develop an information-sharing platform solution that integrates IIJ's cloud-based groupware, IIJ GIO Cybozu Garoon SaaS, with BirdFish.

BirdFish is an enterprise-class micro-blogging service. Users use the system to send and view information within the company. In contrast to conventional e-mail, instant messaging, and similar communication tools, BirdFish enables the immediate distribution of short, important messages to a wide audience. BirdFish can be accessed easily from mobile phones and smartphones as well as PCs. This provides a knowledge-sharing tool that can be used by anybody, anytime, anywhere, and that can contribute to increased business activity. Users must be invited to register by the system administrator so that system access is easily restricted to members of a company or organization, providing the optimum secure communications platform for sharing knowledge within a group.

DG released BirdFish in October 2010, and to continue to provide stable services to their growing number of users, they were considering building their operational infrastructure to the cloud. At the same time, they were looking for an ideal partner that could provide additional functionality to BirdFish to promote its popularity. IIJ, on the other hand, was searching for a third-party SaaS service to use as the core groupware to which complimentary functions could be added to create a communication infrastructure solution that could provide new information-sharing functions and improve the environment for smart mobile devices. These complimentary needs made this partnership an attractive proposition for both companies.

The two companies will first work together to promote sales of BirdFish, then starting in the spring of 2011, IIJ GIO Cybozu Garoon SaaS will be modified to allow display of BirdFish's micro-blog, in addition to other integrated functions. By integrating IIJ GIO Cybozu Garoon SaaS with BirdFish, it will be possible to centrally manage a variety of internal communications tools, such as a scheduler and micro-blog, which can serve as the core of the internal information-sharing infrastructure, and thus contribute to the smooth sharing of information. There are plans to integrate login IDs for IIJ GIO Cybozu GaroonSaaS and BirdFish and to further develop the service as a cloud-based information- and knowledge-sharing infrastructure for enterprises.