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IIJ America to Offer New Hosting Service, Point Red

dl button PDF [59 KB] 13 April 2009
IIJ America, Inc.

TOKYO--April 13, 2009-- IIJ America, Inc., one of Internet Initiative Japan, Inc. (IIJ, NASDAQ: IIJI; TSE1: 3774)'s US-based subsidiaries, today announced the launch of the newly developed Point Red hosting service.

The Point Red hosting service provides servers that reside on the IIJ group's wide-area backbone. Customers can use this service for a variety of applications, such as for building websites, without any of their own equipment. IIJ America's specialized engineers monitor the servers and network conditions 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, providing the level of stability and availability required by today's businesses. Shared servers, virtual dedicated servers, and dedicated servers are available to meet a wide range of customer needs and applications.

Point Red service menu highlights

Shared Server service

The shared server service is a low-cost solution for website hosting only.

Service Features

  • 1 GB disk space
  • Server and disk-space administration is performed by IIJ America, enabling the customer to establish a low-cost website without purchasing any equipment.
  • The customer can monitor server conditions in real time through the Plesk Control Panel integrated server administration tool by Parallels.

Virtual Private Server service

The virtual dedicated server service provides each customer with a dedicated virtual environment.

Service Features

  • Self-managed service that allows the customer to manage their own server domain.
  • A range of software applications can be installed in addition to the Web server.
  • Virtualization technology Xen is used to build a fast stable server environment even within a virtual environment.
  • Disk volume can be freely expanded from 20 GB to 40 GB, and memory from 512 MB to 2048 MB, to meet customer needs.
  • Server and network equipment is fully redundant to achieve the stability demanded by businesses.
  • IIJ America can also provide a "managed service" for administration of the server domain (additional fee required). When using the managed-service option, the customer can use the Plesk Control Panel to monitor server conditions.

Dedicated Server service

Each customer is provided a dedicated server that enables the customer to customize the environment as necessary.

Service Features

  • Self-managed service that allows the customer to manage their own server domain.
  • A range of software and applications can be installed in addition to the Web server.
  • Redundant hard drives reduce the risk of system failure. Additional memory and hard disks, RAID configuration changes, and other system customization is available to meet customer requirements (additional fee required).
  • The customer can opt to select dedicated Internet bandwidth, from 1 Mbps to 1 Gbps (additional fee required).
  • Depending on the site, additional security features, such as virus scanning and SSL, are available (additional fee required).
  • The Plesk Control Panel is available to simplify server administration for the customer (additional fee required).

IIJ America is a specialist in dedicated Web hosting services. This new hosting service gives the customer a greater degree of flexibility and freedom to run other applications in addition to the basic Web server, and to build the optimum server environment without the need to purchase any equipment.

IIJ America will continue to expand its service lineup to meet increasingly diverse customer needs.

Service Fees

Disk space Initial Fee Monthly Fees
Shared Server service 1GB USD 50 USD 25
Virtual Private Server service Standard 20GB USD 50 USD 49.95-(*)
Super 30GB USD 50 USD 73.95-(*)
Max 40GB USD 50 USD 145.95-(*)
Dedicated Server service 146GB×2 USD 420 USD 449-(*)

(*) Contract of Virtual Private Server service and Dedicated Server service is one year.