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IIJ America's Point Red Hosting Service to Offer Next-Generation Hybrid Server with Advanced Features and Complete Redundancy

dl button PDF [67 KB] 07 July 2009
IIJ America Inc.

TOKYO--July 7, 2009--Internet Initiative Japan, Inc. (IIJ, NASDAQ:IIJI; TSE1:3774) and US-based subsidiary, IIJ America Inc., today announced the introduction of a next-generation hybrid server to the Point Red hosting service. In addition, initial startup fees will be waived for new customers who sign up between July 7 and August 31 as part of a promotional campaign.

Point Red ( is a hosting service that provides servers in one of three configurations: shared, virtual private, and private. These servers reside on IIJ Group's broadband backbone to provide the optimum connectivity environment. The new hybrid server has both advanced features and complete redundancy and is offered at an even lower cost. Though a virtual server, the new hybrid server provides features that rival those of private servers.

Below is a list of feature highlights.

Service Features

  • Self-managed service that allows the customer to manage their own server domain.
  • A range of software applications can be installed in addition to the Web server.
  • Virtualization technology Xen is used to build a fast stable server environment even within a virtual environment.
  • A standard double CPU core (DualCore).
  • To meet a range of customer applications, memory options range from 2 to 8 GB, and disk space options range from 80 to 250 GB.
  • RAID-6 is used for the storage system, ensuring a high level of reliability.
  • Up to four fixed IP addresses can be assigned.
  • Server and network equipment is fully redundant to achieve the stability and availability demanded by businesses, and is ideal for managing sites on which stability and reliability are critical.
  • Comes with large memory and hard disk space. Ideal for use with data heavy applications, such as streaming broadcasts, databases, and large sites that receive many simultaneous accesses.
  • Comes standard with the Webmin control panel. Plesk or cPanel/WHM are also available (additional fee required).
  • May be used with GlobalSign's 3 types of server certificates (additional fee required).

Specifications and Fees

DualCore-1 DualCore-2 DualCore-4
Initial Fee $100
(JPY 10,000)(*)
(JPY 10,000)(*)
(JPY 10,000)(*)
Monthly Fees Start at $199.95
(JPY 19,995-)(*)
Start at $329.95
(JPY 32,995-)(*)
Start at $629.95
(JPY 62,995-)(*)
CPU Dual core Dual core Dual core
Disk space 80GB 120GB 250GB
Memory 2GB
(RAM 1024MB + SWAP 1024MB)
(RAM 2048MB + SWAP 2048MB)
(RAM 4096MB + SWAP 4096MB)
IP Address 2 2 4

(*) Japanese yen prices are converted at $1 = JPY 100. For reference only. Price may fluctuate with exchange rates.

Campaign Details: (

As part of IIJ America's promotional campaign(*), initial fees will be waived for customer's signing up for the hybrid server or VPS (virtual private server) between July 7 and August 31, 2009.

(*) Applies to the Hybrid Server and VPS.

(*) Does not apply to optional services (SSL server certificate, optional control panels Plesk, cPanel/WHM ).

(*) Campaign applies only to applications received online.

IIJ America will continue to expand its service lineup to meet increasingly diverse customer needs.