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IIJ Adds Three New Options to IIJ Managed VPN Pro Service

dl button PDF [90 KB] 18 November 2009

TOKYO--18 November, 2009--Internet Initiative Japan Inc. (IIJ, NASDAQ: IIJI, TSE1: 3774), one of Japan's leading Internet access and comprehensive network solutions providers, today announced the release of remote access and two other new features for the IIJ Managed VPN Pro Service.

IIJ Managed VPN Pro Service is a fully managed Internet VPN service that provides everything the customer needs, from rental of the service adapter (VPN device) to operation and maintenance of the service. Because this service provides all the features demanded by today's enterprises and a variety of configurations all in one package, customers configure the service to give them the best cost-performance balance for their own operations.

Originally, users of the IIJ Managed VPN Pro Service required another device--in addition to the service adapter connecting VPN nodes--to build a new connection environment, such as remote access. The new features make it possible to create a remote access VPN, closed-network mobile WAN, or other connection types using the VPN service adapter, enabling the quick creation of low-cost corporate access environments using mobile broadband.(*1)

Feature highlights include

Remote access VPN option

The remote access VPN option establishes a remote access VPN between the main service adapter and remote-access computers at home or other remote locations using PPTP(*2). The VPN configuration on the remote computer uses Microsoft Windows standard settings, obviating the need to install special software and creating a simple, low-cost environment that can connect to the corporate network from anywhere there is an Internet connection.

Direct access option

The direct access option creates a closed-network remote access VPN between a remote computer and the main service adapter using IIJ Mobile. Because this option uses IIJ's originally developed closed-network access solution IIJ Direct Access, customers can create a new closed-network connection using the existing Internet environment. The remote computer is assigned a private address only, without a global IP address, keeping it completely insulated from the Internet and from web-based threats, thus creating a safe, low-cost remote access environment.

Direct access WAN option

The direct access WAN option creates a closed-network connection between the main service adapter and a remote service adapter using IIJ Mobile to establish the connection. Using IIJ's originally developed IIJ Direct Access closed-network remote access solution and IIJ's SEIL router with mobile data communications capabilities as the service adapter at the remote location, a closed-network mobile WAN can be created between network locations. Only a private IP address is assigned to the remote service adapter, completely insulating it from potential attacks via the Internet and creating a low-cost closed-network WAN environment.

IIJ will continue to develop new options and expand service features to actively support network construction for the customer.

(*1)A separate authentication service is required in order to use this option.
(*2)PPTP Tunneling Protocol:
A protocol advocated by the Microsoft Corporation for building VPNs. This protocol comes standard with the Windows OS.