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IIJ Adds the Secure Browser Item to IIJ Smart Mobile Manager Service

dl button PDF [90 KB] 28 May 2013

TOKYO-May 28, 2013-Internet Initiative Japan Inc. (IIJ, NASDAQ: IIJI, TSE1: 3774), one of Japan's leading Internet access and comprehensive network solutions providers, today announced that it would expand the lineup of its IIJ Smart Mobile Manager Service, a cloud-based service that enables centralized management for smart devices, by adding the Secure Browser item, which provides safe web access specialized for smart devices, beginning in early July 2013.

1. Secure Browser functions and features

Ensures safe access to MS Office documents and other content without leaving data on the smart device

With Secure Browser, customers can prohibit the use of access logs, caching, the clipboard, screen hardcopy operations, and more. Users can also limit the use and display of Microsoft Office (Word, Excel, PowerPoint, etc.) documents and PDF files to the browser. This creates a safe usage environment that prevents data from being stored on the device.

Allows administrators to configure browser security policies in a centralized fashion

Administrators can configure the above security policies for terminals under their control in a centralized, integrated fashion. Secure Browser makes it possible to apply encrypted configuration files to user terminals when the user starts the terminal browser, ensuring that the latest security policies are always in effect.

Compatible with client certificates

Secure Browser supports authentication using client certificates (PKCS #12). By linking up with password-based authentication, Secure Browser achieves two-factor authentication and thus provides a significant boost to overall security when users try to access internal resources or perform similar operations.


  Fee Notes
Secure Browser Initial fee JPY 20,000/ contract Compatible with iOS4.3 and higher/Android 2.2 and higher
Monthly fees JPY 250/ terminal

2. How Secure Browser works with IIJ cloud-based security services

Integrating Secure Browser with existing IIJ cloud-based security services allows customers to manage smart devices with the same security policies as those used for PCs in the office.

Applying the same web access restrictions as those governing internal PCs

By combining with the IIJ GIO Remote Access Service and IIJ Secure Web Gateway Service, users can apply the security policies for internal PCs, such as blocking links to harmful websites and preventing access to sites that do not relate to work, to smart devices, as well.

Using safe webmail

Used together, the IIJ GIO Remote Access Service and IIJ Secure MX Service give users a safe operating environment that keeps webmail data accessed via Secure Browser off the terminal itself.

IIJ will continue to work on services that enhance the security of customer systems.

About IIJ Smart Mobile Manager Service

The IIJ Smart Mobile Manager Service is a cloud-based service that provides management functionality for iPad, iPhone and Android terminals. In addition to centralized remote configuration features for different devices through the web-based administration interface, the service includes remote device lock and wipe features to prevent information leaks when devices are lost or stolen. It also offers an additional security option that makes smart device security even tighter with Jailbreak detection, push notifications, and device tracking notifications.

About IIJ GIO Remote Access Service

The IIJ GIO Remote Access Service can be used when at home or outside the office with a common Internet connection from any device, regardless of terminal type, providing remote access from an Internet connection to IIJ services or the client’s corporate network. It provides advanced access authentication and control in a cloud-based service at an affordable price.

About IIJ Secure Web Gateway Service

The IIJ Secure Web Gateway Service is a cloud-based web security service with Web filtering, anti-virus, and log administration and downloading functions. It continues to evolve each day with a Web security cycle that keeps pace with new Web-borne threats to maintain the highest level of security with the lowest amount of administrative overhead for the customer.

About IIJ Secure MX Service

The IIJ Secure MX Service is a cloud-based email security service that covers the entire range of features that companies need, from anti-virus/anti-spam to information leak prevention, compliance enforcement, and fully outsourced email systems. With this service, customers can continue to use their existing email environments and select only those features that they need.