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IIJ Adds Office 365 Compatibility to IIJ Secure MX Service

dl button PDF [62 KB] 03 April 2013

TOKYO-April 3, 2013-Internet Initiative Japan Inc. (IIJ, NASDAQ: IIJI, TSE1: 3774), one of Japan's leading Internet access and comprehensive network solutions providers, today announced the addition of Microsoft Office 365 compatibility with the IIJ Secure MX Service, a comprehensive suite of security measures for enterprise email systems. On the same day, IIJ will become a distributor of Office 365.

Users of Office 365 can also use the Secure MX system to prevent misaddressed email, to encrypt attachments, to save statistical information and log data, and to create an email archive in Japan, including on external media, which strengthens security and serves to prevent information leaks and other threats via email.

The IIJ Secure MX Service's multi-level email filtering, which is particularly adept at filtering even Japanese spam, can also be used to detect attacks, spam, and other threats and block/quarantine them before they reach Office 365. By enabling the use of the highly praised Secure MX service with cloud-based email services and creating a sales system to provide Office 365 as well, IIJ is able to support the needs of clients who want to use a combination of both services.
With this service, clients can create an ideal enterprise email environment that is convenient, cost-competitive, and highly secure. IIJ can also provide support solutions for implementing these systems, such as configuring Office 365, populating the system with user information, integrating the systems with the existing user authentication system (Active Directory), implementing single sign-on, and providing administrator training.

IIJ will continue to provide a high-quality email service that combines security and convenience for enterprise clients.

About the IIJ Secure MX Service

The IIJ Secure MX Service is a cloud-based email-security service that provides a range of features, from anti-virus/anti-spam to data leak prevention, compliance enforcement, and fully outsourced email systems. With this service, clients can continue to use their existing email environments and select only those features that they need. For details, see