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IIJ Adds Next-Generation Firewall to IIJ Managed Firewall Service

dl button PDF [57 KB] 02 April 2013

TOKYO-April 2, 2013-Internet Initiative Japan Inc. (IIJ, NASDAQ: IIJI, TSE1: 3774), one of Japan's leading Internet access and comprehensive network solutions providers, today announced a new service lineup of Palo Alto Networks PA Series, next-generation firewall service, to be added to the IIJ Managed Firewall Service.

With the IIJ Managed Firewall Service, IIJ engineers remotely operate and administrate firewall devices installed on the customer's premises on behalf of the customer. This comprehensive service includes firewall device rental, configuration, operation/monitoring, and maintenance, protecting the customer's network environment from a wide range of Internet threats.
A large number of new applications such as Facebook and Skype are now in widespread use, and as their use in business grows, so do the number of security threats to them. More customers want to control access of certain applications in order to comply with corporate security policy. By adding Palo Alto Networks PA Series to the IIJ Managed Firewall Service, customers can restrict the use of certain applications and provide stronger security measures while allowing the safe use of these versatile new applications.

PA Series has the following features:

Flexible policy setting for each user

Each use of an application can be identified automatically, and restrictions are applied in accordance with corporate security policy. Use of each application can be monitored and access rights are controlled by integrating with the corporate authentication server.

Advanced content security

Application vulnerability exploits, malware infections, data leaks, and other threats are addressed in real time, achieving higher security.

IIJ will continue to introduce the latest network security technology to provide the best possible service for our clients' systems.

Endorsement Quote:

"With the launch of the IIJ Managed Firewall Service more enterprises are able to protect their systems with our Palo Alto Networks PA series. We continue to provide innovative products to achieve more robust security."

Palo Alto Networks
Morihiro Kinjo, VP Japan Sales