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IIJ Adds New URL Filtering Service to High-Performance SEIL Series Routers

dl button PDF [79 KB] 17 April 2009

TOKYO--April 17, 2009--Internet Initiative Japan Inc. (IIJ, NASDAQ: IIJI, TSE 1: 3774), one of Japan's leading Internet access and comprehensive network solutions providers, today announced the May 2009 release of a new URL filtering function for IIJ's proprietary SEIL series of high-performance routers using NetSTAR Inc.'s Site Umpire URL filtering service.

This new feature enables URL filtering for all terminals connected to a SEIL router. Site Umpire is the market leader in URL filtering in Japan's corporate market, and it can block access to illegal websites, online gambling sites, and other sites in a total of 71 categories. Site Umpire's flexible configurations allow customers to make exceptions and allow viewing of certain sites, and it can even allow viewing while preventing posting to web-based bulletin board.

Filtering configurations can be centrally managed via the SEIL router, and when used in tandem with the IIJ SMF sx service(*1), configuration can be performed via the administrative Web interface. This feature removes the need for additional licenses and eliminate the overhead of configuring each computer on the network separately, which drastically reduces the burden involved in introducing and managing URL filtering.

The filtering database and category list is maintained on NetSTAR's server via the Internet, and the SEIL router references this server with each Internet access request to determine whether to allow the request. The filtering database is not resident on the SEIL router, thus router load is held to a minimum, and filtering is always performed with the latest database updates.

IIJ will continue its development of the SEIL series to provide new features that meet customer needs.

Service Highlights


JPY 160,000 /year(*2)

Compatible devices(*3)

  • SEIL/B1
  • SEIL/X1
  • SEIL/X2

Compatible services

  • IIJ SMF sx Service
  • SEIL Rental Service

Main features

  • Internal database URL filtering
    URLs are registered as a pattern, and access can be blocked to URLs that match that pattern.
  • Prevent posting
    Web pages can be viewed but posting to websites is blocked (to prevent data leaks via blogs and other bulletin board type sites).
  • Sender IP address list
    IP addresses of individual computers can be registered for filtering. Entire IP address blocks can also be registered to filter a range of computers on the network.
  • Access blocking to specific IP addresses
    Access can be allowed or denied by its IP address.
  • URL filtering status display
    The category of sites accessed, sender's IP address, and number of accesses can be displayed for each computer.
  • URL or category log export
    URL access log and category identifier can be managed via a syslog server. Analysis can be performed by the customer.
  • Other features
    Redirect to access blocking notice, default path blocking when URL filtering service is offline.

Customers who are already using devices that are compatible with the IIJ SMF sx Service or the SEIL Rental Service, or customers that purchase one of these devices, can receive a thirty-day trial of Site Umpire for free.

(*1) IIJ SMF sx Service
A service based on IIJ's proprietary centralized network management system, SMF (patent no. 3774433). This service can be used to administer the entire network, from configuration of network devices to operation and maintenance.

(*2) One license can be used for up to 50 computers. Price does not include tax.

(*3) Compatible with firmware version 2.30 and later versions.