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IIJ Adds New Feature to IIJ Secure MX Service

dl button PDF [84 KB] 31 March 2009

TOKYO--March 31, 2009--Internet Initiative Japan Inc. (IIJ, NASDAQ: IIJI,TSE1: 3774), one of Japan's leading Internet access and comprehensive network solutions providers, today announced it will add the new GDX Mail Option to the integrated corporate mail security functions of the IIJ Secure MX Service.

The GDX Mail Option enables customers to send and receive e-mail using the GDX Trusted Platform, a messaging network for businesses provided by GDX Japan Inc., an IIJ Group company. The GDX Trusted Platform is a dedicated private network that ensures the deliverability, traceability, and authenticity of e-mail through a special protocol that supplants the conventional SMTP protocol and provides a safe and secure B2B messaging environment.

Below is a list of feature highlights.

1. Ensuring the deliverability of e-mail

The deliverability of e-mail between GDX Mail Option users is ensured. E-mail messages are securely and confidently delivered to their destination, which ensures that orders, transactions, and other important business messages do not go missing.

2. Providing a delivery tracking function

From the administrator's Web interface, the delivery status of messages can be confirmed. The delivery status can be checked visually via the web-based graphical interface, making the tracking of e-mail messages much easier than in the day of the e-mail delivery log.

3. Ensuring reliability through time authentication

Seiko Precision Inc.'s network-based time authentication service provides a time stamp that complies with the e-Document Law, enabling customers to verify the exact date and time that an e-mail was sent.

4. Searchable transmission log

Customers can search a transmission log by date sent, sender, recipient, subject or the message delivery status and download through an online interface for system administrators.

In addition to the GDX Mail Option, IIJ is releasing a free API called the Account Management API Option, which provides functions for white list management. Customers send account information from their own systems to the API, and white list management is performed automatically, making system administration even more efficient when using the IIJ Secure MX Service.

The IIJ Group will continue to expand its services to achieve a secure messaging environment for companies.

About GDX Japan

GDX Japan Inc. was established in April 2007 with Internet Initiative Japan Inc. and GDX Network, Inc., a 100% owned subsidiary of U.S.-based MX Logic, Inc. IIJ has cultivated highly reliable technologies for e-mail service operations and network operations, and combined with the latest messaging technology from MX Logic, Inc, GDX Japan Inc. will create a new-generation messaging environment.