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GDX Expands Features on the GDX Drop Box Corporate File Transfer Service

dl button PDF [47 KB] 09 June 2009
GDX Japan Inc.

TOKYO--June 9, 2009--Internet Initiative Japan Inc. ("IIJ", NASDAQ:IIJI; TSE1: 3774), one of Japan's leading Internet access and comprehensive network solutions providers, and GDX Japan Inc. ("GDX Japan"), IIJ's 51% owned subsidiary, today announced the June 2009 release of the newly developed GDX Client, a desktop application software that makes using the GDX Drop Box corporate file transfer service even easier.

GDX Drop Box is a file transfer system that uses the GDX Trusted Platform--a proprietary messaging network that operates over the Internet--to transfer large-size files easily and safely. GDX Drop Box enables users to transfer files safely and reliably to multiple specified recipients, rather than a large number of unspecified recipients. Files and their transfer routes are automatically encrypted on the GDX Trusted Platform, and a transmission log details the sender, recipients, and a description of the files transferred, providing businesses with the level of security that they are looking for in a file transfer system.

GDX Drop Box used to be available only to Windows users via the GDX Plug-in for Windows-based mail clients(*1), and GDX Client was developed to enable users of the Mac OS and other mail clients to take advantage of this service. GDX Client is a desktop application that uses the Adobe AIR(*2) platform, and so is not OS or mail client dependent. The new GDX Client allows users to attach a comment when sending a file and enables end users to view the transmission history, thus enhancing user convenience.

Due to server overload and information leaks resulting from misdirected messages, the number of corporations restricting or prohibiting e-mail attachments is on the rise. As an alternative, file exchange services are being used more often, but there are still many unresolved issues with internal controls, compliance and operation. GDX Drop Box combines user convenience with security to provide an ideal file transfer environment for enterprises.

The GDX Drop Box and GDX Client products will be demonstrated at the RSA Conference Japan 2009 (Wed. June 10 to Fri. June 12, 2009,Makuhari Messe International Convention Complex) at the IIJ Group booth.

GDX Japan will continue to enhance its services to build and maintain a secure corporate messaging environment.

(*1) Compatible mail clients are Outlook 2003/2007, Outlook Express, Windows Mail.

(*2) Adobe AIR: A runtime environment created by Adobe Systems Incorporated to run rich Internet applications.

GDX Client Compatible Operating Systems

  • Windows, Mac OS

GDX Drop Box Service Features

  • File transfer (maximum file size is 10 GB. No storage limit)
  • Contact list (group setting available. No limit on the number of recipients)
  • Route encryption
  • File encryption (on GDX storage)
  • Password protection
  • IT administrator log saving and searching
  • Resume function (transfer hold/restart)
  • Transfer cancel
  • Comment function
  • Transfer history viewing for end users
  • Bilingual interface (Japanese/English)

About GDX Japan

GDX Japan Inc. was established in April 2007 with Internet Initiative Japan Inc. and GDX Network, Inc., a 100% owned subsidiary of Denver-based MX Logic, Inc. IIJ has cultivated highly reliable technologies for e-mail service operations and network operations, and combined with the latest messaging technology from MX Logic, Inc, GDX Japan Inc. will create a new-generation messaging environment.