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GDX Launches Browser Version of GDX Drop Box File Transfer Service

dl button PDF [76 KB] 02 June 2010
GDX Japan Inc.

TOKYO--June 2, 2010--GDX Japan Inc. today announced the release of GDX Drop Box Browser Version, a Web-based version of the enterprise-class file transfer service GDX Drop Box.

GDX Drop Box is a file transfer system that uses the GDX Trusted Platform--a proprietary messaging network that operates over the Internet--to transfer large-size files easily and safely. GDX Drop Box enables users to transfer files safely and reliably to multiple specified recipients, rather than a large number of unspecified recipients. Files and their transfer routes are automatically encrypted on the GDX Trusted Platform, and a transmission log details the sender, recipients, and names of files transferred, providing businesses with the level of security that they require in a file transfer system.

The original GDX Drop Box service required the installation of a dedicated desktop application, but with the browser version, existing Web browsers can be used to transfer files over the Web. Customers log into a dedicated website provided by GDX to perform transfers just as they have in the past, enabling them to easily perform file transfers while maintaining the same level of security. The browser version also has a new e-mail notification feature that notifies the user by e-mail when a file has been received. This keeps users informed of incoming files in the same manner as the desktop version.

GDX will continue to introduce new service features to build a secure messaging environment for businesses.

GDX Drop Box Browser Version Browser Compatibility List

  • Internet Explorer version 6 and above
  • Safari version 4 and above
  • Firefox version 3.6 and above

Additional fee

Free of charge

About GDX Japan

GDX Japan was established as a joint venture by Internet Initiative Japan Inc. and McAfee, Inc. in April 2007. The company matches the network technology and mail service administration expertise of the IIJ Group with the advanced messaging technology of McAfee to provide a secure messaging network environment that ensures the security and reliability that is so vital to today's corporations.