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Announcing the eco-patch10G -- the Thinnest and Lightest LAN Cable on the Market Compatible with the Cat. 6A Standard

dl button PDF [35 KB] 09 January 2013
Net Chart Japan Inc.

TOKYO-January 9, 2013- Net Chart Japan Inc. (Net Chart), a LAN network construction company and 100% owned subsidiary of Internet Initiative Japan Inc. (IIJ, NASDAQ: IIJI, TSE1: 3774), one of Japan's leading Internet access and comprehensive network solution providers, today announced the launch of the eco-patch10G LAN cable, in partnership with FUJI ELECTRIC CABLE CO.,LTD. (Fuji Electric Cable), a manufacturer and vendor of fire-resistant cables, communications cables, LAN cables, and fiber-optic cables, as well as related devices and processed products. The eco-friendly eco-patch10G is the thinnest and lightest cable on the market that is compatible with the 10GBASE-T and Category 6A (*1) (Cat. 6A) standards.

With the current popularity of cloud computing systems, internal corporate network traffic is increasing on a daily basis. With the increasing adoption of technologies such as the software defined network (SDN), it is expected that this trend will intensify. Highly reliable, high-performance equipment that can handle continually expanding traffic will be required for the secure and stable operation of these types of network.
Network devices that support 10GBASE (*2) (transmission speeds of up to 10Gbps) are cited as examples of such equipment. However, existing devices that support 10GBASE are normally connected using fiber-optic cable, and (quite apart from the cost of the devices themselves) fiber-optic cables and cable connection modules are expensive, thus rendering overall equipment costs high.
Meanwhile, there is also increasing demand for 10GBASE-T, which allows low-cost communication via 10GBASE LAN cables; however, existing 10GBASE-T LAN cables are not user-friendly, as they are thick, stiff, and difficult to work with.

The eco-patch10G LAN cable retains the existing characteristics of the eco-patch and eco-patch6, such as safety, an environmentally conscious design, PoE compatibility, and excellent wirability that makes it easy to work with. In addition, its external diameter of approximately 5.0mm and weight of approximately 21kg/km make it the thinnest and lightest LAN cable on the market that supports the Cat. 6A standard, which in turn supports 10GBASE-T. (*3)

Net Chart and Fuji Electric Cable will continue to work to develop more user-friendly products and solutions for the high-speed communications equipment of the SDN era.

(*1) One of the twisted-pair cable standards that can be used for communications at frequencies of up to 500MHz—twice the maximum frequency for Category 6 cables.

(*2) An Ethernet communications standard for the connection of computer systems to one another, which has a maximum transmission speed of 10Gbps.

(*3) According to a December 2012 comparison of patch cables manufactured in Japan which are compatible with the Cat. 6A standard and which are distributed and sold domestically.
* As established by Net Chart and Fuji Electric Cable.

About Net Chart

Net Chart Japan Inc. was established in October 2006 as an IIJ Group company. Net Chart provides equipment installation and configuration services, wiring for new network installations, application installation and management support for LANs as well as other network construction services, primarily in Kanagawa Prefecture. (Japanese text only)


Established in January 1951 as a part of SWCC SHOWA HOLDINGS CO.,LTD., FUJI ELECTRIC CABLE CO.,LTD. manufactures and sells fire-resistant cables, communications cables, LAN cables, and optical fiber cables, as well as related devices and processed products. (Japanese text only)