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Announcing a New Light-weight, Eco-friendly LAN Cable "Eco-Patch" and Cable Management Tray for Racks

dl button PDF [46 KB] 19 August 2009

Net Chart Japan Inc
Fuji Electric Cable Co., Ltd.

TOKYO--August 18, 2009--Net Chart Japan Inc., a LAN network construction company and 100% owned subsidiary of Internet Initiative Japan, Inc., today announced the release of a light-weight, eco-friendly LAN cable called Eco-Patch with partner Fuji Electric Cable Co., Ltd., a manufacturer and seller of fire-resistant cables, communications cables, LAN cables, optical fiber cables, and devices and processed goods.

Eco-Patch Feature Highlights


Eco-Patch has a diameter half that of conventional cables, which is an advantage when wiring inside racks with limited space. This small size makes it easier to manage and organize, resulting in clean, well organized wiring. The amount of copper used in the cable is also half that of conventional cables, so they are very light and put less stress on connectors.


Cable casings use fire-resistant polyolefin, so even in the event of a fire, they will not release poisonous dioxin or halogen gases. Casings have superior fireproofing characteristics that meet JIS C 3005:2000 (incline test(*1)) requirements.

Environmentally friendly

Because the materials and weight have been reduced by half that of conventional cables, the environmental footprint of production, transportation, and use have been greatly reduced.


The twisted pair cable specification used is Category 5e(*2) (insertion loss(*3) standard is 1.7 times that of the TIA specification(*4)), so cable function matches that of conventional cables in terms of speed and other characteristics. It is also compatible with PoE systems(*5), which is something that earlier thin cables were not able to achieve.

Along with Eco-Patch, Net Chart is announcing the Zero Unit Cable Management Tray, a space-saving cable management device for use inside racks.

Zero Unit Cable Management Tray Feature Highlights

Space saving

Management of conventional rack cabling required that a 1U(*6) cable management panel be attached at the top and the bottom of the cable patch panel or servers, routers, and switching devices. With the Zero Unit Cable Management Tray the tray can be secured directly to front and back surface of the equipment, making it possible to manage cabling without sacrificing unit space in the rack. This tray can be used with Eco-Patch cables to save even more space within the rack cabling system.

Light weight

The Zero Unit Cable Management Tray is made of ABS resin, making it much lighter than conventional cable management panels, so they can be easily installed by almost anyone. Several different fasteners have been provided so that the tray can be secured on a wide range of equipment types.

Net Chat and Fuji Electric Cable will continue to work to develop innovative products and solutions.

  1. (*1)The grade of fireproofing commonly required in Japan.
  2. (*2)One of the twisted pair cable standards, can be used for communications within the 100 Mhz range. It is the highest classification in Category 5.
  3. (*3)The loss that occurs when introducing parts to a relay system.
  4. (*4)Communications wiring standard for commercial buildings in the U.S.A.
  5. (*5)Technology for supplying electric power over Ethernet cables.
  6. (*6)A unit representing the height of information equipment designed to be inserted into a 19-inch information rack. 1U = 1.75 inches (44.45 mm).

About Net Chart Japan Inc.

Net Chart Japan Inc.,was established in October 2006 as an IIJ group company. Net Chart provides equipment installation and configuration services, wiring for new network installations, application installation and management support for LANs as well as other network construction services, primarily in Kanagawa Prefecture.

About Fuji Electric Cable Co., Ltd.

Established in January 1951 as a part of the SWCC Showa Holdings Co., Ltd., Fuji Electric Cable Co., Ltd manufactures and sells fire-resistant cables, communications cables, LAN cables, optical fiber cables, and devices and processed goods.