Yan Wal Yun leverages business potential with LSA Cloud Computing System

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Yan Wal Yun Corporation Group Co., Ltd. is one of the leading and most modern seasoning sauce manufacturers in Asia. The company specializes in producing and distributing seasoning sauces under the trade names ‘Healthy Boy’, ‘Maxchup’ and I-Chef. In 2016, it generated sales revenue of around 3 billion baht, with 85 percent coming from the domestic market and 15 percent from an international market comprising more than 60 countries.


With an unwavering determination to continuously improve its products and services since its inception in 1947, Yan Wal Yun has successfully maintained high standards of quality for 70 years. The company has consistently emphasized Research & Development, utilization of advanced technology and know-how from overseas and employs the most modern IT management systems, for example, SAP’s Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP), as well as new marketing models in order to fully satisfy the needs of all categories of consumer. These have enabled the company to accomplish its missions and achieve its vision of “We are there in every kitchen”


Business challenges

Khun SomwangTangsombatvisit, Chief Executive Officer, Yan Wal Yun Corporation Group Co., Ltd., said: “Yan Wal Yun has been the number 1 player in the Thai seasoning sauces market for over 50 years and we are now gradually expanding our presence in the regional and international markets to achieve our stated vision. However, as we are now facing tougher competition from rivals, we have to map out business strategies focusing on innovation and technology. These are the keys to strengthen our competitiveness and retain our position as the number 1 brand in the digital era. We have embraced an advanced IT system to efficiently manage the organization and carefully selected IT partners who are capable of delivering what we need and who have shown strong commitment to jointly develop the business with us in the future.”


IT system implementation

Yan Wal Yun utilizes a cloud computing IT system, so the company need not shoulder the expense of server and software installation, such as ERP and email systems. By passing on this burden to a service provider, the company bears less responsibility to maintain the IT system, while its employees can conveniently access the IT system via the internet, allowing the company to easily manage resources through a well-designed network and use of shared services. For most of its hardware system, the company has chosen IaaS (Infrastructure as a Service), undertaken by Leap Solutions Asia Co., Ltd. (LSA), a service provider of IT infrastructure including servers, cloud computing and storage systems, as well as a network system in the form of virtualization platform, eliminating its investment risk. It also benefits immensely from scalability of the IT infrastructure according to its growth level. Importantly, the company can minimize problems in the IT infrastructure maintenance and system upgrading as these responsibilities are borne by the service provider. In terms of software, the company employs core business applications, such as SAP’s Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) and the Google Mail email system.


“As Yan Wal Yun is now facing intensive business competition, we have come up with business strategies focusing on innovation and technology that are key to strengthening our competitiveness and retaining our position as the number 1 brand in the digital era. That’s why Leap Solutions Asia, which specializes in cloud computing technology with the capability to answer all of our demands, has been selected by us.”

SomwangTangsombatvisit, Chief Executive Officer

Yan Wal Yun Corporation Group Co., Ltd.


Why LSA cloud computing?

Yan Wal Yun has chosen the LSA Public Cloud service for its email system and office application programs such as Google Apps and Gmail. To safeguard its critical business data securely and confidentially, the company relies on SAP’s ERP system running on the LSA Private Cloud, which has been certified by SAP in the categories of SAP Hosting, SAP HANA Operation and SAP Cloud Services. With LSA’s extensive knowledge and experience in cloud services, it has provided Yan Wal Yun with a highly stable and secure ERP management system that is ready to use all the time. LSA’s service comes complete with a carefully-crafted risk management plan, both for normal and abnormal situations, including, for example, a Disaster Recovery Site system that will ensure the company’s data system will always run seamlessly and remain intact. The system also helps the company eliminate the need to invest in backup servers. In conclusion, outsourcing its IT operations to cloud service providers enables the company to significantly reduce the costs and hassles of IT management, while allowing its staff to stay focused only on the corporate core business. Interestingly, it may be better for the company in terms of data confidentiality to use cloud services from a service provider, given the fact that leakage of corporate confidential data often arises from the company’s own employees.


Why choose Leap Solutions Asia as a service provider?

Having had some direct experience in IT management with its own IT team and having outsourced IT management services from many service providers, Yan Wal Yun is well positioned to weigh the pros and cons of both. A joint discussion between the company’s management team and employees led to the recruitment of Leap Solutions Asia as the company’s cloud service provider. Yan Wal Yun’s trust and confidence in LSA is based on LSA’s well-designed policy and operational standards, its cloud service of IT infrastructure hosted on T.C.C. Technology’s premium datacenter, the expertise, experience and dependability of its professionals, as well as highly-efficient and stable services. Prior to making the decision to choose LSA, Yan Wal Yun’s management team shortlisted SAP-certified service providers, which was regarded as the most important deciding factor. In addition to LSA’s potential to completely fulfill all the demands of Yan Wal Yun, LSA has strong advantages in the numbers of servers, extensive client portfolio, its guaranteed system stability and uptime, and stringent security standards. LSA has achieved the ISO/IEC 20000-1:2011and ISO/IEC 27001:2013 international standards for Information Technology Service Management and the Information Security Management System of the cloud system. A Service Level Agreement (SLA) has been made between LSA and Yan Wal Yun, representing the service provider’s commitment to guarantee its customer quality services and responsibility for any damages incurred.


Selected Solutions

Leap Solutions Asia currently provides the following solutions to Yan Wal Yun:

SAP’s Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) service – LSA has been entrusted to manage the ERP system, covering hardware, software and SAP Basis Managed Services. This infrastructure runs on T.C.C. Technology’s premium datacenter. The service allows Yan Wal Yun to curtail investment, with the help of the cloud system specialists maintaining the system all the time.

Server Hosting Service – LSA provides a Virtual Private Server (VPS) hosting service for Yan Wal Yun’s corporate websites, such as www.deksomboon.com, www.i-chef.co.th and www.maxchup.com, in which the company can adjust or add as much content as it likes.

Backup Solution – This solution includes a Disaster Recovery Site and the signing of a Service Level Agreement (SLA) between LSA and Yan Wal Yun, which enable Yan Wal Yun to manage costs more efficiently.

Email system (Google Apps or Gmail) –The LSA team can provide useful technical advice on system administration.

Cloud Antivirus system – LSA’s Cloud Antivirus application not onlyhelps detect virus-induced abnormalities, but also boosts the efficiency of IT assessment.


Benefits and advantages of LSA services

Having used LSA’s cloud services for almost three years, Yan Wal Yun has managed to lower its IT management costs and reduced its burdens or difficulties of coping with problematic IT systems. This allows the company’s IT team to spend more time to concentrate on developing new projects that will support operations and systems, which will accordingly elevate the overall efficiency and effectiveness of the organization.


System development plans

Yan Wal Yun is likely to consider more applications, with the blend of applications running on Private Cloud and Public Cloud. One of its future prominent projects is E-Learning. To adopt additional applications, the company will take into account the extent the application will raise business competitiveness and how well the company will maximize investment returns. The company is firmly confident that Leap Solutions Asia will be able to offer new products and services that continue to optimize customer satisfaction as in the past.

Leap Solutions Asia (LSA) Co., Ltd. is a joint venture between T.C.C. Technology Co., Ltd. (TCCtech), Thailand’s leading service provider of datacenters and Internet Initiative Japan Inc. (IIJ), Japan’s major service provider of internet and cloud systems for corporate customers.

For additional details on the products and services of Leap Solutions Asia (LSA), please contact Main Line: 02-080.9800, sales@leapsolutions.co.th, www.leapsolutions.co.th

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