Samsung Indonesia turns to Biznet GIO Cloud for Smarthone Apps Development to improve business efficiency

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Samsung one of the world's largest information technology companies, operates in 80 countries with more than 370,000 workers. Samsung R&D Institute Indonesia is one of Samsung Research & Development centers among other global R&D hubs. They focuses on building global content, service, and technology solutions across diverse domains, projects, products, clients, people, and countries and also conduct research in new and emerging areas of technology. As an advanced high-tech company. Samsung understands the benefits from early on in cloud service, and has used several local IaaS (Infrastructure as a service).


The major objective of this institute is to develop popular applications and to smoothly operate them with reduced downtime for Samsung smartphones. They are facing two challenges regards to IT infrastructure.

  1. Cost saving - Samsung strives with ongoing research to look for a more advanced service, in order to optimize their cost especially for IT infrastructure, even if they have been using cloud service already.
  2. To be released from hardware maintenance - Lack of IT staff is another challenge. All projects are operated under only four IT engineers. They suffered from having limited time to spend on application development and maintenance, due to hardware and network maintenance that need to be performed.
Why Using the Biznet GIO Cloud

In May 2015, when Biznet GIO Cloud was launched, Samsung applied for one month free trial. They have finally decided to utilize Biznet GIO Cloud, mainly due to the following reasons;

  1. Pay-as-you-go Model - Biznet GIO is the only provider in Indonesia who offers pay-as-you-go charge model (hourly charge) for the service, and the pricing is also very reasonable for the,. Other local cloud vendors provide only the monthly charge models. The servers used for testing purposes by Samsung, does not need to running all the time, and instead could be shut down when it is not in use. By adopting the hourly charge model, they will just have to pay only for what they have used.
  2. High Reliability - Evaluating the service at the first stage was difficult. Samsung trusted that Biznet GIO Cloud should be a high-quality cloud service, since this was provided by the join venture company equipped with robust IT facility, and Internet Initiative Japan (IIJ), a leading cloud service provider in Japan.
The results

By the end of Oct 2015, there are eleven virtual servers of GIO Cloud (public cloud of Binzet GIO), being used to support eleven mobile application projects. With Biznet GIO Cloud, the company benefits from:

  • Scalability and Cost efficiency - Flexible resource utilization is achieved. Customer only needs to add resource when they are required to do so, and pay just for the resources used, which leads them to keep cost to a minimum.
  • A drastic reduction of hardware maintenance workload - Customer will monitor the condition of their servers and network, over the online control panel. They are fully satisfied with the performance and support. Now that the issues have been resolved, their IT staffs are focusing on their core businesses and their productivity has rapidly increased.
Samsung expects to remain running as a leadership position in the rapidly growing Indonesia mobile market. Biznet GIO Cloud will continuously support and aid the company's ongoing business expansion.

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