Virtual desktop solution improves communication among hundreds of construction sites employees in Singapore

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LIAN BENG GROUP integrated a virtual desktop system which supports leverages rich graphical processing application by NVIDIA GRID™ vGPU technology, allowing a high density of graphical users.  The careful meticulous installation process including included a POC (Proof of Concept) which ensured expected functionality and usage. This and  led to a successful and smooth transition.

The Landscape landscape of Singapore has dramatically transformed over the past compared to a few decades ago.  Singapore is now a big city lined with skyscrapers.  It is LIAN BENG GROUP that has supported the construction industry of Singapore.  Even now thereAt present, there are numerousmany construction projects around going on within the country.   In a few weeks, a nNew high-rise buildings appears would appear in the country’s skyline in a matter of weeks.
suddenly in the canyon of the skyscrapers and it seems unstoppable.  

Mr. Ong and his team member’s cell phones are constantly ringing asking for their support from internal users and users who are at construction fields.  LIAN BENG GROUP has a lot ofmany staff working at construction sites.  One of the biggest issues was that tThey can’t could not access to files nor useand specialized software when they were on-site. This was one of the biggest issues the company facedfrom those field sites.  The IT team was looking for a way to resolve the issuea solution and reviewing were reviewing Virtual Desktop tTechnology to support their user's’  mobile requirements.  For the IT team, centralizing the desktop management was critical.


The adoption of Virtual Desktop technology needed to address the following challenges:

  • Security of remote file access
  • Smooth use of graphical application
  • Ease of use by internal and remote users


The adoption of Virtual Desktop Technology raised challenges such as;

  • Ensuring security to access files from remote site
  • Smooth use of graphical application
  • Usability of internal users and remote users


IIJ proposed Citrix Netscaler to ensure a secure remote access gateway. the security of accessing from outside of LIAN BENG GROUP office to Virtual Desktop.  This works as a secure remote access gateway.

The specialized software for architectual design requires a rich graphical processing.  Citrix Xen Desktop utilizing NVIDIA GRID™ vGPU™ technology for virtualization hardware enables rich visual interactive applications to run smoothly. It This waswould be the first application of Virtual Desktop with NVIDIA in Singapore.

The idea of utilizing Virtual Desktop technology surfaced from the IT team’s   Rresearch on new IT IT technologiesy brought IT team the idea of utilizing virtual desktop technology. But,  before the decision to adopt virtual Virtual desktopDesktop was made, the IT team had to verified the verify the concept and ensuredensure functionality and  the usability and workability.  After it proved the Its effectiveness was proven with the POC, and the installation was completed successfully in three months.

Effects and future plan

The rRemote access to the virtual Virtual desktop Desktop environment greatly saves time and improves efficiency of users at construction sites.  Users are very satisfied with the virtual desktopimplementation and are reporting a better experience in the virtual as compared to the physical environment.  that they don’t feel any difference between physical or virtual.  This transition also helped the IT team to have a unified desktop management system manage desktops unifiedly and centrally.  It reduces cost and work load and increased increases efficiency at the same time.  

LIAN BENG GROUP is planning to replace upgrade their office LAN from 1Gbps office LAN to 10Gbps in the near future to further improve  vVirtual desktop Desktop access in the near future.

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