Delonix hold it's hotel service system with GIO

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Delonix Hotel, a MidPlaza Group’s new 4 star hotel located near Karawang International Industrial City, West Java, has been attracting attention mainly from business person since its opening in 2014. They provide comfortable and modern hotel rooms, as well as offering warm and unique services such as Japanese style baths, which makes Delonix Hotel one of the best hotels in the area.

Except for Delonix Hotel, MidPlaza Group owns variety of hospitality facilities such as AYANA Resort and Spa, InterContinental Jakarta, and Riverside Golf Club, and continue to build new hotels over the nation. Since they have realized the importance of IT at the early stage of their business, they have been utilizing various applications to offer more pleasant service to guests and pursuit of higher efficiency in daily operations.


MidPlaza Group had originally built individual IT environments at each of their hotels. But as the business expanded, they have found that they are facing following challenges.

Reduce IT cost - Each of the hotel had used its own built IT infrastructure, and separately adopted business applications depending on their needs. Some of the properties were required to cover for unnecessary license costs on specific applications.

Reduction of hardware maintenance workload - Hotels are replacing hardware facility every 5 years. This process takes few months each time until completion, and has been high in expense. And above all, some applications had to be stopped for a period of time during the replacement, which resulted to cause negative impact on their daily businesses.

MidPlaza Group re-examined their IT policy, and has decided to install cloud services in order to clear out these issues, and to provide customers with improved service, as well as offering hotel staffs with advanced working environment, and additionally supporting further business growth. The most latest Delonix Hotel, was the first facility in this group to implement this policy.

Why Using the Biznet GIO Cloud

Delonix Hotel has started using the Biznet GIO Cloud shortly after the launch of the service. They subscribe to one ESXi server in Biznet GIO Enterprise to run OPERA, a major and best property management system (PMS) worldwide. This company has adopted Biznet GIO Cloud for following reasons;

Customize the system without having to own it

GIO Enterprise Cloud provides customer with a dedicated VMware virtualization environment. By granting customers full control of hypervisor through vCenter, they will be able to freely design and configure operation systems and applications by themselves according to the criteria of their own policy without having to own an IT resource.

Provide high quality service and support

Biznet GIO Cloud’s SLA is 99.9% and the cloud infrastructure is built in Techno Village, which is a Tier-3 certified data center of Biznet Networks. After one month trial, customer is satisfied with the high performance of the product, good Internet connectivity, and the quick response from the support center.

The result

Now All OPERA components such as handling reservations, checking guests in and out, assigning rooms, managing room inventory, and handling accounting and billing, are implemented as virtual machines on the ESXi server accessed by administrator from the hotel through IPsec secured tunnel. With the Biznet GIO Cloud, the company now benefits from:

Saving Costs on software licenses – Saving costs would be one of the major advantage in using Virtualization, compared to physical machines. Regards to virtualization, customers do not need to purchase license for every VM's virtual core, but will rather need to buy license for the physical cores. So, regardless of the number of VMs that they wish to create (more virtual CPU cores), the price of license remains the same.


Centralized IT operation  All servers centralized in Biznet GIO Cloud makes operation and maintenance much easier than before. There is no need for yielding IT resources since it has dramatically reduced the lead time and workload. For example, adding 1TB storage takes just 15mins. Also, Centralized IT brings centralization of its data. Any report can be prepared in a significantly short period of time, which helps management to make prompt decisions.



MidPlaza Group understands the benefits of cloud service, and has taken into possible consideration in migrating other IT systems to Biznet GIO Cloud. As for MidPlaza Group, it is certain that Biznet GIO Cloud is the best solution to lead their business to the next level.


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