“Plaza-i”, a real ERP system that brings a competitive advantage, was built on IIJ GIO to provide SaaS accounting system for overseas offices in Asia.

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To prove that it has won a continuous first place in the "most business in a suitable countries and regions ranking in the world[1]".  Not a few companies achieve the IT system integration in Singapore utilizing its high level of IT related services.  With the recent years of rapid growth mainly in Asian market, many companies are accelerating the business development.  Challenges to capture the market are the adaption of mission critical system, integration of data, and real-time analysis.  Business Associates was quick to identify this trend, decided to take “Plaza-i” into Singapore.



Creation of an environment to provide low-cost and easy-to-use accounting system was crucial because customers who are expanded to Asia Pacifit Ocean region including Singapore have a strong tendency toward low-cost.  That leads Business Associates to provide SaaS type service instead of integrating on-the-premise systems in Singapore.  Customer is not only in Singapore,but also in Asia Pacifig Ocean region.  It is necessary to expect scalable environment for future system expansion.  Furthermore, stable network environment for summarizing the consolidated financial statements of the

region was also important.  The most important aspect was direct communication with IIJ sales and engineers, and trustworthy support in order to deal with important data.



Plaza-i is usually integrated as an on-the-premise system in Japan, however the line-up is limited to SaaS service utilizing cloud.  Business Associates selected IIJ GIO Singapore Service compared to some of the cloud services available in Singapore from the following three points.

  • lReliability and stability
  • lLow latency from Japan to Singapore
  • lReassuared support


Effects and future plan

Business associates integrated application on cloud service which allows them to add required resources later while started with minimum size.  Upon system implementation, direct supports from the technical team  both in Japan and Singapore offices are essential to the smooth start-up of SaaS service.  That flexibility and 

smooth access is the biggest difference among the other cloud service providers.  With respect to accounting information of overseas offices, local side operation often makes headquarters uneasy. With SaaS accounting system, both sides (Local offices and Headquarters) can confirm the same content on the same platform.  Furthermore, by utilizing the cloud infrastructure directly connected to IIJ backbone, both sides of staff can use the system without delay.

Currently Business Associate is expanding their business toward Japanese subsidiaries in Asia Pacific Ocean Region as a starting point, but, since the facility has a flexibility to scale when it is required without owning asset, they are going to broaden the scope of their activity to support more customers.


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