TTNI unveils highly-effective cloud computing system innovated by Leap Solutions Asia

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TT Network Integration (Thailand) Co., Ltd. (TTNI) has set a clear vision and commitment to provide excellent customer service and continuous support, as well as assist customers in the prevention of anomalies that can arise in IT infrastructure systems at any time, in order to ensure uninterrupted business operation. TTNI has also determined to apply the latest innovations in IT to help customers stay abreast of technology in today’s fast-changing business environment.


TTNI provides support in IT infrastructure to organizations. Its major customers are Japanese-owned companies based in Thailand, including the business cluster of auto and auto parts manufacturers. The company’s range of services covers:

  1. System Integration and Network Integration Services, including IT Security Solutions.
  2. Help Desk Service, offering 24/7 maintenance and consultancy services for customer applications and IT infrastructure, as well as monitoring of related services.
  3. Healthcare Business Service, delivering an image scanning system for use in medical applications.
  4. Software Application Service, specifically used for auto design.


Mr. Tsuyoshi Yamada, President of TTNI, revealed that TTNI’s services are currently entrusted by more than 500 companies in Thailand and overseas, thanks to the lengthy expertise and effective operations of the TTNI team, that meet Japanese standards. TTNI has consistently received positive feedback from customers, which reflects the company’s vision: to deliver the most effective services to its customers.


Mr. Udomsuke Thawornstid, Division Manager, explained that as a consulting company providing advice on the selection of IT products used by various organizations, TTNI has to thoroughly analyze each customer’s corporate information and requirements. It is essential for TTNI to carefully consider a number of factors, including the organization’s IT infrastructure environment, regulations and compliances. The company also needs to analyze the customer’s products and services in various aspects, such as whether or not they are fully qualified, their degree of stability, how well known they are and the quality of after-sales service of each solution, so as to offer the most suitable IT products or solutions.


With a diverse range of IT solutions and services on hand to choose from, TTNI takes the lead in delivering IT solutions and services that exactly meet customer needs for fully-integrated services.


Mr. Udomsuke added that the TTNI team not only possesses a high level of expertise in IT solutions and services, but also has a deep understanding of the customers’ organizational environment, which is a highly important consideration when it comes to choosing a service provider for IT system installation. With its clearer understanding of customer needs, TTNI is able to render more effective IT solutions to enhance its customers’ existing IT systems. Most Japanese companies are well-known for their meticulous attention to detail, as well as rigorous standards and regulations. TTNI, though, has successfully managed to deliver IT solutions and services that meet the Japanese standards, allowing it to win broad acceptance from a large number of Japanese customers.


High-performance cloud system

TTNI provides a wide variety of IT solutions and solutions on the cloud computing system. TTNI is proud to present Leap GIO Cloud by Leap Solutions Asia (LSA) to fulfill the demands of its customers. Various forms of cloud system are available including a security enhancement system as an add-on to existing TTNI systems, as well as Leap GIO Public, Leap GIO Private and SAP Cloud by Leap Solutions Asia.


Mr. Udomsuke pointed out that he is very impressed with Leap Solutions Asia’s cloud computing system. LSA’s highly-effective services, coupled with its cloud computing system with a guaranteed SLA level of 99.99% uptime and the achievement of the ISO/IEC 20000-1:2011and ISO/IEC 27001:2013 international standards for Information Technology Service Management and the Information Security Management System of the cloud system, have significantly boosted customer trust in the cloud system. So far, users of the LSA cloud computing system have not encountered any problems and have always received attentive care and services, as well as useful advice from the dedicated team of LSA staff. This has made customers even more confident in LSA. With more and more companies now considering the use of cloud computing systems, TTNI takes pride in presenting an interesting cloud computing option from Leap Solutions Asia to prospective customers.


Leap Solutions Asia (LSA) is a joint venture between T.C.C. Technology Co., Ltd., Thailand’s leading datacenter service provider, and Internet Initiative Japan Inc. (IIJ), one of Japan’s largest providers of internet and cloud service systems.

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