Electronic Solution implements a stable e-commerce site on the Biznet GIO Cloud, that optimizes cost in real time, all the time

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Interested in Indonesia’s e-commerce boom, Electronic Solution opened their e-commerce sites.


Whilst Electronic Solution decided to build the e-commerce site, they found several challenges to be overcome:

Difficulty in infrastructure sizing due to unknown access number

Because it was difficult to predict the number of user access, it was impossible to find out how much infrastructure resource should be used.
But the traditional way of  on-premise systems requires a large initial investment. Therefore, an alternative solution with reduced investment risk was required.

Widely varying customer access volumes require a flexible infrastructure
Consumer access for e-commerce sites can vary to the extremes. With massive peaks such as the annual Indonesian online shopping day on the 12th  of December, to extremely calm times with few customers. It is highly cost-inefficient to design commit to a system that could handle the peaks, but not reach its potential during everyday operation. Therefore, a flexible infrastructure was preferable to allow for cost optimization.


Why choose the Biznet GIO Cloud?

Suppress initial investment with small start The GIO Cloud that Electronic Solution chose to implement their platform on, is a public Cloud where you can freely allocate resources whenever you want. Unlike on-premises systems, GIO Cloud does not require user to make massive initial investment.  As resources are allocated according to your requests, it becomes a service that  both big and small enterprises can easily control the cost of.

A Pay-as-you-go payment model

The pay-as-you-go model allows for extremely specific fine-tuning of resource usage, and as a result, extremely lean costs. Allocating only the bare minimum of resources required by the access traffic of the platform in real time, Electronic Solution can now enjoy the benefit of low running costs, and not give up the ability to respond to massive traffic spikes.

Stable infrastructure located inside Indonesia

Biznet GIO Cloud is implemented on Biznet Technovillage, an integrated business facility with the First Tier-3 Green Data Center in Indonesia. The customers for this EC site are local Indonesians, local infrastructure would provide faster access and response compared with overseas Cloud service such as AWS or Azure. Furthermore, AWS or Azure would not come with local support.

The result:

A highly stable service infrastructure that can easily be optimized to situations to optimize costs.

“The Biznet GIO Cloud has proved to be an extremely suitable service for the e-commerce site, and we at Electronic Solution are very satisfied with the results provided. The Biznet GIO Cloud lives up to its high 99.9% SLA, and is far superior to any other cloud vendor in Indonesia.”  

– Ivan w Hudyana






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