GIO Private Cloud

GIO Private Cloud provides physically exclusive cloud infrastructure with preloaded VMware system.
With GIO Private Cloud, you can enjoy seamless and painless system migration from on-premise VMware environment to cloud.

Asset-less private cloud

Build your private cloud without investing in infrastructure. Free from pain in system maintenance and updates.

All-in-one VMware environment

Our all-in-one package is equipped with ESXi server, data storage, data management and management network. Ready to use without any traditional equipment verification or network design.

Full control as on-premise system

We offer full administration access authority of vCenter Server. You have the power to design, define, and deploy the whole system without extra training, just as on your on-premise vCenter.


Server ConsolidationSAP/ERP Infrastructure
Mission-critical systemLarge scale Internet business
VMware environment cloud migrationBCP/Disaster Recovery

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