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Nippon Express Co., Ltd.

User Profile
Headquarters: Higashi-shimbashi 1-9-3, Minato-ku, Tokyo, Japan 
Founded: October 1, 1937
Capital: 70,175 million (as March 2014) 
Employees: 33,153 (as March 2014)

URL : http://www.nipponexpress.com/

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A large-scale system with 3,500 virtual servers and more than 2PB storage were migrated to IIJ GIO cloud in order to “reform the IT structure” that supports their nationwide distribution network.

Nippon Express adopted the “IIJ GIO Components Virtualization Platform (VW Series)”. The company is currently working on migrating their on-premises system to IIJ GIO cloud. Structural reform of their IT system enabled a 40% reduction in TCO, enabling the company to direct their focus to further business growth.

Challenges before Service Usage

The man-hours being spent on the on-premises system increased and the infrastructure became inflexible.

  • The operational load for the on-premises system became too large, including adding resources and system monitoring.
  • Infrastructural flexibility deteriorated due to continuously increasing staff loads.
  • The company looked for a new platform where they could stably operate the entire corporate system, including the mission critical system.

The company valued in the point of its compatibility with VMware-based IIJ GIO cloud and data security at a remote DR site.

  • A low-cost VMware-based virtualization platform that is highly compatible with the company’s on-premises system.
  • Servers equipped with much higher specifications than standard cloud services.
  • Remote DR measures like locating two data centers in east and west Japan ensure data security.
Effect from IIJ GIO Cloud

Smooth transition from the existing environment was completed. The company is expecting even more strategic IT usage.

  • Smooth and easy system migration due to an environment similar to on-premises.
  • No more system operation nor maintenance necessary. A more strategic IT usage plan is now underway.
  • An 40% estimation of TCO reduction by full transfer to the cloud service.

What IIJ delivered

  • IIJ GIO Components Service Virtualization Platform VW Series
  • IIJ Data Center Service
  • IIJ GIO Private Backbone Service
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